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One Chambray Blouse, Three Ways

chambray shirt three ways to wear it

We fell in love with this Land’s End chambray top while looking for cool scoop-neck shirts. It looks so summery and light — the perfect alternative to the typical button-down chambray shirt. Chambray is basically perfect. Think about it: You wear your jeans with everything, right? And chambray’s just a softer variation on denim, so you can wear it all the damn time. After the jump, three looks that pair perfectly with this cute lil’ chambray shirt. Keep reading »

Jessica's Style Challenge
nautical style challenge
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Amelia’s Style Challenge: Three Summer Pants Outfits For Under $300

amelia style challenge

You know how it’s so annoying the way some people refer to a pair of pants as a “pant”? Well, sorry to say, I have become one of those people. I say this, because Amelia recently came to me asking for advice on how to expand her pant selection in the summer months. After all, it’s not so comfortable wearing skinny jeans in 90 degree heat, now is it? Amelia was looking for something soft and flowy, silky and comfortable — and, of course, reflective of her preppy-meets-downtown style.

1. Asos Tapered Pants, $59.40
2. Elizabeth and James Trent Paisley Pants $79
3. Yumi Kim Tania Pants, $68
4. GoMax Calantha Sandal, $44.95
5. Swell Jordan Everyday Woven Tank, $24.50
6. GAP Bleecker Striped Tank, $22.95

After the jump, see how I put it all together, and how you can create three totally awesome outfits for under $300, from top to toe.

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Megan's Style Challenge
Megan Midi Skirts
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Ami's Style Challenge
How to wear skirts
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Jessica's Style Challenge
nautical style challenge
Jessica wants the nautical look! Read More »

Megan’s Style Challenge: More Midi Skirts, Please

Megan Midi Skirts

The Frisky’s promotions editor Megan is so cute — and she’s always rockin’ adorbs skirts. The other day, she came in wearing an ikat print skirt that she’d hand-altered because it was too long. Skirts, said Megan, are never the right length. She wanted me to help her find a few midi-length skirts (those are skirts that fall below the knees but above the calf) that could be worn all year long — and she had a budget of $100 per outfit. Good thing personal shopping is pretty much my favorite thing to do. I was able to find her a slew of great items–and all on the cheap, too.

1. ASOS Sleeveless MidiDress with Pleated Skirt and Belt, $54.30
2. Pieces Mille Chunky Chain Short Necklace, $30.55
3. ASOS Aztec Skirt, $61.09
4. Ann Taylor Boatneck Tee, $28
5. Dorothy Perkins Blue Polka Dot Midi Skirt, $44
6. Express Lace Shoulder V-Neck, $16.14
7. Soulmates Draped Lace Jacket, $39.00
8. Trotters Sandals, $25.50

Click through to see how I put ‘em together for around $300. Keep reading »

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Jessica's Style Challenge
nautical style challenge
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Style 911: “What Do I Wear With These Orange Shoes?”

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How to wear orange wedges

I received these shoes as a gift recently and I am racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear with them that is daytime casual. I feel like an orange dress would be too much. Any thoughts?––Gina

First off Gina, hi! I gotta say, I think it’s kind of weird to gift someone a pair of shoes. Shoes are so particular and personal, but then again, maybe I’m just prejudiced because the one time somebody wanted to buy me shoes it was really weird. Anyways! Those shoes have a lot of personality, which means that you should keep the rest of your outfit pretty tame. Let the shoes do the talking (and walking, as it were). Keep reading »

How To Pee In A Jumper

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I was late to work today. Well, I’m late every day because I seem to have a high rate of mishaps first thing in the morning, but today I was super late. I woke up early, with a vow to be on time. That’s how it always begins. At 6:50 a.m., my roommate knocked on my door to tell me there was no hot water. This is becoming a way-too-normal occurrence in my apartment lately (that’s another post). Only, today it was worse because my parents are in town and we’re having dinner tonight and I had planned to shave my legs and wash my hair, so this was particularly bad news. I decided that there was no way I could skip the hair washing, but I could get away with no leg shaving and wear one of my jumpers, of which I have many. The only issue with wearing a one piece is the whole peeing thing. And I drink an absurd amount of coffee and water, so I have to pee ALL THE TIME. Keep reading »

Ami’s Style Challenge: Skirting The Issue For $300 Or Less

How to wear skirts

When I told The Frisky that I was going to try and fulfill their style needs and wants, Ami piped up immediately. “Skirts!” she said. “I don’t know how to wear them so I just wear dresses instead.” Apparently, years ago, Ami had a bad skirt-related incident, which left her unskirted for lyfe. An ex-boyfriend told her that she didn’t look good in them, so she gave up trying to find the right skirts for her. This is a shame. To help her get over her fear, I’ve found a few skirty looks that I think would work really well for her. They are all generally the same shape — Ami has super duper long legs and a short torso, so flared and longer skirts don’t work as well as tight, body-hugging skirts. Here are the basic outfit elements I’ve found:

Pixie Market Tropical Mini Skit, $29
Motel Printed Mini Skirt, $30.55
Akira Watercolor Scuba Mini Skirt, $26.90
Kelsi Dagger Anisa Low Heel Sandal, $66.50
Mink Pink Mischief Sleeveless Shirt, $37.20
Kenneth Cole Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt in Ivory: $39.99
American Apparel Silky Loose Crop Tee, $38
Michael Antonio Davies Flat Sandal, $34.95

After the jump, three outfits I put together for Ami — all for around $300 total!

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Jessica: Nautical Style
nautical style challenge
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