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This Is The Stuart Weitzman “Blog” Pump

A few days ago, bloggers made a huge to-do about clothing website ModCloth’s “Blog Writer Dress.” Thing is, the general consensus is that we work-from-home bloggers either wouldn’t dress in the child-like pinafore style, or have a dedicated uniform of sweatpants or no-pants. (Although, personal offenses aside, wasn’t it pretty obvious what ModCloth was doing? Naming a dress just so bloggers would draw attention to it?) Anyhow, we’ve now discovered that shoe designer Stuart Weitzman has a “Blog” pump. We’re not sure what Weitzman is trying to say with this style name, but if the product description is stereotyping bloggers who prefer comfort over aesthetics (“A modern round-toe pump, with a bit more heel for height without sacrificing comfort”), then it does so with much more subtlety. [Stuart Weitzman] Keep reading »

Million Dollar Shoes Deemed Kind Of Crass During Recession

Sadly, the recession has nabbed another victim. Ever since 2002, Stuart Weitzman dreamed up an elaborate pair of shoes, sometimes diamond encrusted, other times ruby, priced around $1 million for one lucky Academy Award-nominated woman to wear to the big show. But in lieu of the world’s current financial crisis, the shoes are again a no-go. “While the Oscars will certainly still be a glamorous event, we feel this year — like we did last year — that it is still not appropriate to be extravagant,” Weitzman tells StyleList. “As such, we have decided not to create a ‘million dollar shoe’ for someone to wear to the 2010 ceremony.” Over the years, female stars including Laura Harring, Alison Krauss, Anika Noni Rose, Kathleen Bird York, and Regina King were the lucky ones chosen to wear the shoes, while “Juno” writer Diablo Cody notoriously refused, basically calling the whole thing a stupid PR scam. [Hahaha ... But seriously folks, do these shoes look even slightly attractive? -- Editor] [Stylist] Keep reading »

Wear Stuart Weitzman Around Your Arm

Shoe man Stuart Weitzman is not content to only dress your feet. The designer’s decided he wants to create handbags as well, so he just entered the purse market. And from the first look, it’s pretty safe to say his brilliance for shoe design clearly translated to handbags. Most people wouldn’t consider our economic situation the ideal time to launch a new collection — especially one that ranges in price from $395 to $595 (ouch!) — but Mr. Weitzman is of a different mindset. “Recessions have always opened up opportunities for people who like to be a little aggressive in their business,” he said. Ahh, capitalism. Unfortunately, if you can actually afford one, you’ll have to wait until next summer when the handbags land in Stuart Weitzman stores to add these to your collection. [WWD] Keep reading »

Nice Heels, Dude

Check out the boot to the left. Looks like something you (or your slightly slutty best friend) might wear, doesn’t it? While it is by fabulous female shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, this boot and its partner aren’t made for women. This is actually a guy’s boot, aka a “moot.” Weitzman custom-made this and a black patent-leather bootie with a silver heel for Justin Tranter, the lead singer of New York garage glam-rock band Semi-Precious Weapons. This is the first time Weitzman has ever done shoes for a man (in size 12 wide, no less), and Tranter adores his new kicks: “I love heels for two reasons: One, they make my amazing legs look even better and two, I love being able to make an artistic statement without even opening my mouth.” Spoken like a man who knows his shoes. Keep reading »

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