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Chic On The Street: L-O-L-A Lola

Buenos Aires' Palermo Soho is teeming with busy cuties like Lola Torres, who was walking briskly to work when we begged her for five minutes of her time. We're just totally feeling how that bright strawberry dress warms up her skin tone, not to mention that punchy bag (we even like her delicate calf tattoo).
By: Denise See / March 1, 2010

Chic On The Street: A Handmade Shirt-Dress

Florencia Broussain, 22, was strolling through the San Telmo antique market when we got a load of her darling shirt-dress. Florencia, a Chilean design major, told us she made it herself. This young lady must love street purchases—she thinks the scarf around her waist is from another antique market, and is certain she…
By: Denise See / February 22, 2010

Chic On The Street: Not Your Ordinary Buenos Aires Tourist

We stopped Anna Crittenden, 23, exiting a shoe store. Initially, she protested about getting her picture taken, saying, "I don't look very good." Nonsense! This chick -- originally from London and visiting her bro in Argentina--looks like she rolls out of her bed gorgeous and trend savvy—especially with that vintage Chanel bag (from a flea…
By: Denise See / February 18, 2010

Chic On The Street: Nadia’s Statement Pieces

While scoping out the local art scene at Nassau's own Popop Studios (in the decidedly untouristy Chippingham neighborhood), we spotted Nadia Campbell, 33. More specifically, we were fixated on her tricked-out coral and wood choker. Turns out she made it herself, and works on her own jewelry line in the same building a…
By: Denise See / February 16, 2010

Chic On The Street: Nassau Tomboys

Best buds (left to right) Kachelle Knowles and Khmia Poitier are all about comfort. These College of the Bahamas art majors take all the same classes, and are sometimes on campus until midnight. Which is why they wear pajama bottoms and t-shirts under their coveralls they scored from the Red Cross. They even cop to…
By: Denise See / February 15, 2010

Wellies, The Official Shoe Of Fashion Week?

As NYC's snowy winter wonderland turns into hellish puddles of slush, Fashion Week goers have a rough decision to make. Give in to the terrors of not-so-stylish wellies and boots or suck it up and wear heels. This morning, as the first brave fashion souls found their way to the tents in Bryant Park,…
By: Bianca Posterli / February 12, 2010

Chic On The Street: Bahamian Eyeshadow

What's blue, pink, gold and a total cheerfest? We're thinking Blair Grey is. Strolling out of poli-sci class at the College of the Bahamas, Blair caught our eye immediately with an unexpected color combo on her eyelids (she scored the shadow at Icing) and that adorbs zipper motif tank by Max…
By: Denise See / February 11, 2010

Chic On The Street: Neely In Nassau

We found Tyrina Neely, 24, standing out at Bob Marley's 60th birthday celebration in Nassau, Bahamas. She's both sleek and flashy in high-waisted jean leggings, a short and natural 'do, great big accessories and snappy gladiators. Looking stylish is actually her full-time job: She runs her own virtual fashion network, Primadona.
By: Denise See / February 9, 2010

Would You Wear Heels In The Snow?

I'm a high heel lover, but even I have to admit defeat when it snows. My rubber-soled boots win every time because I like my limbs. Anyway, I've noticed quite a few women wearing their heels in the snow on my favorite street style site, Chictopia. So I wonder, do you wear heel…
By: Annika Harris / February 6, 2010

A Month Of Outfits Worn By Alexa Chung

Many of us at The Frisky were completely bummed when Alexa Chung's MTV show, "It's On With Alexa Chung," got canceled, not because we watched it regularly (we're at work at the time, as we suspect most of the audience was), but because it gave us the opportunity to see Alexa'…
By: Catherine Strawn / February 5, 2010

Backyard Bill Is Your New Favorite Street Style Blog

Calling all voyeurs: Looking for a cross between The Sartorialist and The Selby? Yeah, we figured as much. Backyard Bill, which "features stylish folks in their own clothes," blends William Gentle's gorgeous photography with fashion in intimate settings. International in scope, there's Arpana Rayamajhi, a lovely Nepalese New Yorker (pictured); Christian Steen, a…
By: Erin Flaherty / February 3, 2010

Chic On The Street: Guess The Queen

We did a serious double take when we spotted none other than fashion icon, TV star and queen of all drag queens, RuPaul stepping out on the town in a rather stylish, yet masculine suit with a lovely mint scarf for an added pop of color. And damn, those legs really do go for…
By: Erin Flaherty / January 31, 2010

The Catorialist: Kitties Got Mad Street Style

It was only a matter of time! As you may have guessed, The Catorialist is a street style blog ... all about cats (and a parody of The Sartorialist, obviously). Pretty photos of kitties with Sartorialist-inspired captions like, "On the street ... Full tortoise, Chinatown, LA," "The model ... Bowery, NYC" and "O…
By: Nina Carbone / January 19, 2010

Brain Teaser For The Style Obsessed

Perusing street style websites for hours is one of our slightly embarrassing guilty pleasures. Sure, we pick up style tips and identify missteps, but sometimes we can't help but wonder whether we're wasting too much time. With the Street Style Memory Game, though, we don't have to choose between our sartorial hunting habit and…
By: Annika Harris / January 19, 2010

Jessica’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I'm Wearing Today: Forever 21 gray dress fake patent leather belt from Windmere leggings from ? boots from Baker's J.Crew sparkly headband Banana Republic bangle…
By: Jessica Wakeman / January 14, 2010

Jessica’s Style Diary: Wednesday

What I'm Wearing Today: Geiger jacket from a secondhand shop black top from Aqua at Bloomingdale's Rodarte for Target skirt black tights Forever 21 high-heeled silver shooties Banana Republic sparkly cocktail ring Ann Taylor Loft faux gray pearl necklace sparkly jeweled Forever 21 barrette…
By: Jessica Wakeman / January 13, 2010

Jessica’s Style Diary: Tuesday

What I Am Wearing Today: H&M black studded sweater Anthropologie frilly, purple tank Zara gray miniskirt H&M black leggings Baker's boots bunny necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs heart ring…
By: Jessica Wakeman / January 12, 2010

Jessica’s Style Diary: Monday

What I'm Wearing Today: Forever 21 flower barrette Aqua for Bloomingdale's white blazer with fab '80s shoulder pads Bluefly pink lightning T-shirt Forever 21 jeggings Baker's boots Marc by Marc Jacobs heart ring…
By: Jessica Wakeman / January 11, 2010

Artsy Trash Or Trashy Art?

Artist Christine Finley goes around N.Y.C. and dresses up dumpsters. Prettiest trash cans we've ever seen. [WWD]…
By: Leonora Epstein / January 8, 2010

Emily’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I'm Wearing Today: Banana Republic gray sweater H&M floral skirt American Apparel mustard tights Urban Outfitters red heels Anthropologie ball necklace…
By: Emily Poster / January 7, 2010