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Quickies: Steven Tyler Confirmed As Next “Idol” Judge & Betty White The Author

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has officially signed on as the next "American Idol" judge. Yow-yow-yowwwww! (Sorry, that was our poorly conveyed Tyler impression.) [MSNBC] Chris Lambton, Ali's runner-up on "The Bachelorette," has apparently refused ABC's offer for him to be the next "Bachelor." Hooray! Now he and Ami can fall in love the old-fashioned…
By: Annika Harris / August 18, 2010

Quickies: Aerosmith Seeks Steven Tyler Replacement & A Post-Mortem On The “Gossip Girl” Threesome

Now that Steven Tyler's apparently out, who should become Aerosmith's new frontman? [Entertainment Weekly] -- EW has some interesting suggestions, but that’s beside the point -- it just won’t be the same. Strange fashions abound at a Beijing Fashion Week grad student show. [The Daily Mail] -- How…
By: Xiomara Martinez-White / November 10, 2009

Lily Allen Freaks Out In Concert

Lily Allen needs to take her own advice and smile. The 24-year-old started sobbing in the middle of her concert in Finland over the weekend. Through her tears, she told the audience that she had fallen and hurt her back the night before and was on painkillers. The pain and medication combo was making…
By: Nikki Dowling / August 17, 2009

Quickies!: Oprah Smoked Crack?, Steven Tyler’s Sex Life, & Botox For Boys

An ex-boyfriend is claiming Oprah smoked crack. Haha, I just laughed outloud thinking of Oprah saying, "Crack cooooocaaaaaaainnnnnnne!" [National Enquirer] The "Gossip Girl" spin-off is a go, and will feature Lily and Rufus back in the good ol' coke-filled rock star days in the '80s. [Buzzfeed] Almost-not-our-President-anymore-Bush declared January 18th "National…
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 16, 2009

Quote Of The Day: Liv Tyler On Her Dad, Steven Tyler

"I love my dad, although I'm definitely critical of him sometimes -- like when his pants are too tight!" -- Liv Tyler [AHN]…
By: Catherine Strawn / June 16, 2008

Good Guy Trend: Moobs

The weather is heating up and men are starting to show some serious skin -- especially their firm fun-bags. Thanks to body-hugging cotton T’s and tanks, there’s less separating you from a man and his chest. While most guys have to try to avoid staring at boobs, when it comes to moobs, girl…
By: Simcha / May 13, 2008
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