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Porn Actor Wanted For Murder Falls To His Death

Stephen Clancy Hill, the porn star charged with killing one colleague and injuring two others, committed suicide after an 8-hour police standoff on Saturday. He had been at large since the incident last Tuesday, after fleeing from the scene with the weapon that looked like a samurai sword. This weekend, a SWAT team located Hill and cornered him on the top of a small cliff. The team brought in negotiators in an attempt to coax him away from the edge and into police custody. Officials and onlookers said that the suspect was clutching a sword and continually told police that he was going to kill himself. He eventually scooted off the ledge, falling over 50 feet. News cameras were present and captured the fatal fall. Negotiators said they did what the could to try to take Hill into custody, and that his death was an unfortunate end to the case. Some believe that the fall could have been accidental, but based on Hill’s earlier remarks, police seem to believe that it was suicide. [Newser] Keep reading »

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