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Who Are These White House Party Crashers?

I’m a little bit obsessed with Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the 40-something winery owning couple who crashed the Obama’s State Dinner last week. After photos of the pair at the event appeared on their Facebook page while the White House said they were not on the guest list, the Washington Post offered up a theory of how the two snuck in—they dressed up in event-appropriate attire, and faked shock at the security checkpoint when their names weren’t on the list until someone took pity on them since it was raining. Once whisked into the dinner, the couple had their names announced for photographers and shared drinks with legit guests like Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel, and Katie Couric. Heck, Michaele even shook hands with Barack. And it looks like this might not be the first Obama event the couple crashed—Facebook photos show them in the Obamas’ glass-enclosed box at the pre-inauguration concert last year, and talking to Oprah at an inauguration event.

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