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Why We Keep Things

In a study by Stanford researchers, when people were given the choice between an iPod and $100, most chose the money. But when they were given an iPod and asked whether they’d like to trade it for $100, they were more likely to keep the iPod. Clearly, the amount of money the iPod is worth wasn’t an issue, nor was how much the subjects liked the iPod, and researcher Brian Knutson calls this the endowment effect. Basically, when something is yours, you want to protect and keep it, even if you don’t really like it. This explains why I have a junk drawer of things I don’t really want or need — I haven’t evolved enough to stop hoarding. [LiveScience] Keep reading »

Taking The Diss Out Of Sexual Dysfunction

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Sex after menopause — even our girl boners go limp. So it’s no wonder women have been clamoring for a “female Viagra” ever since the male version came out a decade ago. While 43% of women complain about some type of sexual dysfunction, from painful intercourse to the inability to climax, women don’t like to kiss and tell at their annual gynecological visit. So for decades, the issue of female arousal has been brushed off as not being serious enough for the medical establishment. Talk about a double standard! But finally science is ready to rise to the challenge and take the diss out of sexual dysfunction with the first group dedicated to the dilemma: The Female Sexual Medicine Program at the Stanford University Clinic & Hospital. The research team is headed up by a woman, founder//director Dr. Leah Millheiser, M.D., and she knows it takes more to uncork a woman than opening a bottle of champagne and a little blue pill. “Women are becoming more empowered about sexual dysfunction,” said Millheiser. “They are seeing sex as a quality-of-life issue, not just a health issue.” Thank goodness, help is on the way for our golden years! [New-Medical.net] Keep reading »

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