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An In-Between-Seasons Scarf

It’s around this time of year that a mildly warm day somehow causes people to forget the fact that it’s still cold outside. But we applaud you for making that ambitious effort when you stepped out in just a blazer, and proceeded to shiver your way to work. Still, we get that you’re ready to move on from your bundled-up winter wardrobe. A solution: Ditch the heavy knits and go for something lighter. This Banana Republic scarf, made of super thin material, is decidedly non-somber with its light heather gray or sky blue color options. Stay chic and warm with your lightweight spring coats, then keep it around the office as a wrap for when they start pumping the air conditioning in a few months.

[$39.50 Banana Republic]

Get Your Chambray On

For us, browsing Delia’s is like looking through a window into our teenage pasts. Remember the joyful day, once a month, when the new Delia’s catalog would arrive in the mail, and you’d carefully circle items and dog-ear pages? Those days may be long gone, but we still get kicks out of browsing the teen-tastic goods on their new-fangled website. And sometimes, we even find an all-ages gem, like this chambray ruffle dress, which brings the girly, but seems a bit more grown-up thanks to the slate color. [$44.50]

[$0.00 Delia's]

Poll: To Wedge Or Not To Wedge?

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Lust-Worthy Loft Drawstring Anorak

It’s not even February yet and we’re already thinking about spring, big time. One of our favorite aspects of changing seasons is finding a new jacket to complement our new fashion outlook, but we hate having to wait to wear said acquisition. This Loft Drawstring Anorak has a wear-it-now/wear-it-later vibe, so it won’t hang in our closets for too long. The cotton twill and a heavy sweater will keep the wind from chilling the bones on a cool day. And later on, the material will help us brave those inevitable rainy spring days. [$128, Loft] Keep reading »

Spring Style: Jeggings And Harem Pants Are Here To Stay

It looks like some of the most criticized trends of fall—jeggings and harem pants—are sticking around this spring for another go. Browsing through new merchandise on some of our favorite retailers, we noticed that these styles were widely available, and, in some cases, more prevalent than before. As for harem pants, we assume that Alexander Wang‘s football collection had something to do with the drop-crotch staying in style, and becoming transposed into sweatpants. Over at Shopbop, you’ll find many of these offerings, which appear to be marketed less as a harem cut, and more as an athletic-chic style. Oak‘s merchandise, however, glorifies the baggy pant as a high-fashion item. Perhaps the most surprising is the availability of jeggings—denim leggings—at Saks. We counted over 20 pairs, and from some surprising makers. While there were styles from trend-happy labels we’d expect like C&C, Juicy Couture, and Joe’s Jeans, we also came across offerings from some more sophisticated brands like Rag & Bone and Alice and Olivia. We have to admit, when these stretchy pants haven’t gone acid-wash crazy, and just have a nice dark color and simple lines … they’re not half bad. Dare we say that we might actually consider getting in on the jeggings trend if the wares were more classy?

What do you think of the return of these trends this spring? Keep reading »

Gimme, Gimme Twelve By Twelve

Forever 21 has unveiled the new arrivals to the Twelve by Twelve line, and we’re totally smitten. Maybe it’s the styling. Maybe it’s the fact that model Georgie Badiel is the epitome of Parisian chic, despite hailing from Burkina Faso. Or maybe it’s simply the clothes. One thing’s for sure, we’ve got some spending to do. Check out more photos of the line after the jump. [Forever 21] Keep reading »

TOMS Shoes Gets Preppy, Adds Wedges For Spring

When TOMS Shoes first came out, I thought they looked weird and wouldn’t put on a pair to save my life (or even to help charitably put shoes on a child, as Toms does with every purchase). But this fall, they released a lace-up version that comes in various wool and canvas fabrics. Finally, a pair of TOMS for me! Thankfully, come spring, Toms will continue offering its lace-up Cordones in warm-weather-friendly canvas stripes and plaids. I’m not sure how I feel about the new striped wedge heels (photo after the jump), but with the right Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday” outfit, I could be sold. Question though: TOMS isn’t giving this style to children in need, right? [Issuu, HuffPo] Keep reading »

Runway Report: Jenni Kayne Very Sparkly But Kind of Boring

Designer Jenni Kayne managed a miraculous feat at her Spring 2010 presentation last night. She somehow managed to present a collection that was simultaneously covered in sequins and boring as hell. For those of you intimately familiar with the exciting powers of silver sequinage, this will be a perplexing concept. So we will further explain: It’s not so much that the outfits weren’t cute or fun. They were. A kicky sequined mini-dress would be awfully fun with opaque tights and black booties for a night out and a leather high-waisted pencil skirt is never a problem. Unless, of course, it’s exactly like the one that Temperley put out last fall and the sequined dress was a little too reminiscent of YSL two years ago. Sadly, the déjà vu-induced boredom was overpowering and the “I’d rather be dead than here” expressions on the models’ faces weren’t terribly helpful either. But if you’re looking for a leather high-waisted bikini, then this is the collection for you.

More pictures after the jump. Keep reading »

Crave: Gap T-Shirt Dress

You only need a few of these vibrant T-shirt dresses and your summer wardrobe is set. Even if you only get one, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. You can sex it up with a stylish belt and killer heels. Or go the comfy route with thong sandals and your favorite jewelry. Plus, this dress makes an excellent swimsuit cover-up. The only problem is choosing the color(s) you want. [$27.99, Gap] Keep reading »

Cheapskate: Ann Taylor Loft Isn’t Only For Your Mama

It used to be that the only time we ventured into Ann Taylor Loft was to buy our mother a gift card for her birthday. Recently, we walked past the store’s window display and thought: Either the retailer has gotten a youthful makeover or our tastes have matured. We don’t know which one of the two happened, but what we do know is that Ann Taylor Loft has some awesome and affordable finds that won’t make us look anything like our moms. In August, Ann Taylor Loft will sell a collection of jewelry designed by Lulu Frost’s Lisa Salzer. Looks like we’ll have to make another trip! Keep reading »

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