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Oops, No One Noticed This Typo In “American Psycho” Until Now

How many times have we watched “American Psycho” and never noticed this typo? As Twitter user Southpaw noticed after reading this BuzzFeed post that employed a GIF from the scene where Christian Bale’s character gets a business card from Paul Allen, there is a typo in phrase “mergers and acquisitions” on top of the card. It says “mergers and aquisitions,” with no “C.” The IMDB trivia page for the movie [spoiler alert] says that word is misspelled on all the business cards used in the movie. ¬†”American Psycho”‘s ¬†copyediter must have been off that day. Or maybe Patrick Bateman killed him.

Nothing Is More Riveting Than The Scripps Spelling Bee

How better to celebrate the English language than to watch the Scripps Spelling Bee? Not only does it glorify the ability to memorize massive quantities of information and spit it out under pressure in front of a room of peers, it also illuminates the weird and wonderful chimera that is our language. The sheer drama of these pre-teens spelling words that I haven’t thought about since my SAT prep class is heart-pounding. Check it out to sharpen your vocabulary and stay for the awesome example sentences and the patient and kind pronouncer, Dr. Jacques Bailly. The preliminaries are live here right now. and the finals will be broadcast live tomorrow at 8 p.m. EST on ESPN.

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Dealbreaker: The Bad Speller

It was our third date before Chris brought me back to his apartment. He was a writer as well, which should have been an immediate red flag. Our relationship was bound to see its demise surely brought on by rabid insecurity leading to competition, some hate sex and then ultimately an anti-climactic break up. But I ignored the little voice in my head and went out with him anyhow. Something about beggars and choosers. Keep reading »

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