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What Is “Vocal Fry” And Why Is Everyone So Worried About It?

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It's Vocal Fry, Bitch!
Britney Spears
Um, stop talking in vocal fry!

According to Bob Garfield, host of NPR’s On The Media, young people’s (especially young women’s) speech patterns are becoming “really annoying.” On a recent podcast, Garfield described the sound as “a door creaking or a hinge that needs oiling” and he begged for it to come to an end:

“I want the oil to stop frying. I want someone to wave a magic wand over a significant portion of the American public and have the frying come to an end.”

Unbeknownst to me, this speech pattern epidemic has a name. Vocal fry. I’ve included a video about it by YouTube user AbbynormalOne so you can get an audio sample. It’s kind of like the modern-day, more gravelly, Valley Girl lilt. And although she’s not solely responsible for it, you can thank people like Britney Spears for making vocal fry popular. Think: “It’s Britney, bitch!”  Keep reading »

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