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Daughter Dreams Of Being A Flower Girl, Has Wish Immediately Granted By Helicopter Parents

Annabelle Earl, a four-year-old Brooklyn girl, had a dream of being a flower girl but no wedding to attend. With a long dress, bouquet, and a poster that read "Can I be your flower girl?" she took to Brooklyn City Hall to find herself a willing couple. It sounds like a Hallmark moment, until we lear…
By: Claire Hannum / July 16, 2014

Frisky Rant: Hey Graduates, Please Don’t Try To Be A Special Snowflake At Commencement

Graduation is a big deal. Plenty of people like to see it as the total culmination of a young person's character and dedication. As the greeting cards say, "You Earned It Champ!" Earning a degree isn't easy and deserves celebration. The catch, though, is that celebratory public events like commencement are a prime breeding ground…
By: Claire Hannum / May 7, 2014