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The Good And Bad Of Designer iPhone Cases

Shelling out a bit for a nice iPhone case is a legitimate splurge—that’s something you see everyday and presumably your phone is something you want to take good care of. Of course, when you decide to spend, say, more than $50 on one, we’d expect it to be extremely cute. Pierre Hardy gets an A+ for this unique trompe l’oeil cube design, something we’ve never seen before on an iPhone case. Regretfully, we’re completely puzzled by Sonia Rykiel‘s wares—these velour pouches bedazzled with the words “phone bag” or “ibag.” Is it just us, or do they look a bit like mall trash couture? [Vogue.fr] Keep reading »

H&M On Opening Day Of Sonia Rykiel’s Line: Worst. Job. Ever.

Footage has emerged from the day an H&M store in France put out its new Sonia Rykiel merch. And here you thought French women were so refined. Not so: “Geet your hands off my swetur, beetch. You are too fat for zat, anyhow. Allez, allez!”

We have now seen hell, and it’s a never-ending sentence of being an H&M employee on this day. Look how they book it to avoid the stampede! People, un peu de calme, please! [YouTube] Keep reading »

Ooh, Snap: Is This Why Designers Do Retail Collaborations?

When a designer does a collaboration with a big retail chain the underlying assumption is often that they’re selling out, or they’re really in need of the extra profits. Maybe, however, it’s more about beating a copycat industry at its own game. In an exclusive interview with Nylon, Nathalie Rykiel implies that the teaming up of the Sonia Rykiel brand and H&M was almost a preventative measure:

Nylon: And before you paired up with H&M, did you notice any similarities between your style and theirs?
NR: Are you asking if H&M has used my designs?
Nylon: Um…?
NR: Well, yes, of course! They copy me all the time! Finally I said, “Look, if you want your girls to wear Sonia Rykiel from H&M, let’s let them have the real thing!”

Pretty smart thinking, huh? [NylonMag.com] Keep reading »

A Video Look at Sonia Rykiel’s Knitwears for H&M

If lingerie isn’t your thing, or you didn’t rush to your local H&M fast enough to nab Sonia Rykiel’s creations, here’s a second chance at designer goodies. In part two of her collaboration effort, she’s unveiling knitwear to the masses, and it’s all quite adorable (we showed you a preview here). But here’s a fair warning: If stripes aren’t your thing, this is one purchase you won’t be making. The line is heavy in pink, black, and yellow, with major inspiration from the Parisian chic movement. A.K.A. berets gone wild. “It’s exactly what I love,” said Sonia of the line. “It’s exactly my work. It’s exactly what I want to offer everyone in the world.” Dresses and skirts aren’t her only offering though — amazing bright colored bangles, shoes, and brooches will decorate the shelves — though surely not for long. The collection launches in H&M stores on Feb. 20. Keep reading »

Sneak Preview: Sonia Rykiel For H&M, Take Two

Sonia Rykiel‘s lingerie collection for H&M may have been an appealing idea, but truth be told, we weren’t quite rushing to stores to buy it. After all, when an iconic designer like Rykiel does a collaboration with a budget chain, isn’t the point to feel like you purchased something affordable with the same spirit as the original? Rykiel, considered a French fashion staple to Parisian-styled girls, made her claim to fame with luxe, bright colored knits, often decorated with stripes. (Kind of a far cry from lacy lingerie, no?)

Now it seems Miss Sonia is giving the crowds what they want—she’s slated to do another collection for H&M, this time producing wares that are much more identifiable with the Rykiel brand. Coming to stores in February, the range features bright pink or yellow knit dresses, oversized striped sweaters, sparkly leggings, and some too-cute, bow-adorned pullovers. To this we say: Oui, oui, oui! More pics after the jump. [Mademoiselle Quincampoix] Keep reading »

Sonia Rykiel’s H&M Party Was OTT

Recession? What recession? From looking at this video of the launch party for Sonia Rykiel’s H&M lingerie collection, you’d think we’re living in an economy of decadence. Held at the Grand Palais in Paris, the event was nothing short of crazy (in a good way)—the place was decked out with twinkling lights, miniature Eiffel Towers, and balloon sculptures. The collection was presented in a parade of baton twirlers, marching geese, and floats where models were swinging from chandeliers or cycling on stationary bikes. While a bit on the kooky side, it all looked pretty fun, and très, très Parisienne. [YouTube] Keep reading »

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