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Important Pizza News: Guy Fieri Made A Totally Repulsive S’Mores Pizza

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Guy Fieri is having a bad few months. First, his new Times Square restaurant gets the total gasface from The New York Times. And now, news comes out that his frozen S’mores Indoors Pizza is a flavor abomination. The dessert pizza claims to be made with “sweet graham cracker crust, rich melted chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate chips and melted marshmallows.” But! The packaging neglects to mention the pizza’s secret ingredient, which is apparently cayenne pepper. Oh yeah, somehow a bunch of spicy crap got mixed in with this seemingly sweet recipe, and consumers are angry. The Sam’s Club comment page for the S’mores Indoors pizza is blowing up with major pizza drama as consumers rally against the surprisingly spicy ‘za.  Keep reading »

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