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Get Scared Into Aging Well

If you smoke, drink a little too much, or don’t wear sunscreen, you’re going to have a few more wrinkles than you would otherwise. But you knew that because you’ve heard it a million times. What you need is a time machine that will take you into the future and show you what a hot 60-year-old you would be if you gave up your bad habits. At least two companies have technologies available or in the works that illustrate your future self. And the results might scare you into becoming a healthy eater, a non-smoker, and a religious wearer of SPF 30. Unless, of course, you want your mouth to look like a cat’s anus. [Good Morning America] Keep reading »

Smoking And Lamaze: A Popular Combination

You’d think that all of the studies about the effects of drinking, smoking, and doing drugs while pregnant would make women cease partying for nine months at the very least. Who wants their child to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome or a heroin addiction? Well, apparently some women are okay with taking the risk. A University of Washington study found that 77 percent of women cigarette smokers and 50 percent of women marijuana smokers used those substances at some time during their pregnancy. Part of the problem is that men’s levels of drinking, smoking, and marijuana use remain stable before, during, and after pregnancy. So, when the aromatic smell of pot is in the air, you forget that you’re with child? [Newswise] Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Equality In Bras, Smoking’s Side Effects, And An Online Dating Scam

  • A big store in England is no longer charging extra for its larger-sized bras. This is only fair because we’re pretty sure well-endowed men never had to pay more for jock straps requiring loads of fabric. [Reuters]
  • If your boyfriend smokes and it annoys you, just tell him that continuing to puff might make him lose his sex drive–or worse, his erection. [Jamaica Gleaner]
  • If a guy looks nothing like the photo in his online dating profile, that’s disappointing. If a guy you meet online suddenly goes to Africa and asks you to wire him some money, that’s a scam. [Click2Houston.com]
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