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This What Tyra Banks’ Smize Yourself! App Did To My Face

Tyra's "Muffin Top"
Tyra tweets a pic of her barely perceptible "muffin top." Read More »
Tyra Gets Another Show
Tyra Banks
She's sold a scripted sitcom about her early modeling days. Read More »

OMFG! I’ve discovered the most worthwhile way to waste time EVER. Amelia informed me that a Tyra Banks Smize Yourself! app existed and of course, I purchased it immediately.

Basically, you line up your face in a cut out and then you smize into the camera while Tyra tells you how “fierce” you look. (I know this to be a blatant lie because I’m working from home today and and haven’t brushed my hair or put on any makeup.) Then Tyra’s tells you that she’s “cooking up your smize.” Then you wait and about 30 seconds later a bad picture of yourself is transformed into an even worse picture of you looking like some kind of deranged fucking alien that Tim Burton shat out. Keep reading »

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