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(Tiny Living) In The Red

An article in The New York Times about this amazing apartment caught my eye over the weekend when I was checking out the real estate section, not simply because it’s in my neighborhood, but because it is seriously sick, y’all! If you’re at all like me and interior design is kind of your porn — or even if you just like the color red — you gotta check out the slideshow of this 348-square-foot studio apartment in the Hell’s Kitchen ‘hood of Manhattan. “When guests come to visit, their jaws literally drop when they see what I’ve done with the place,” the tenant, Mr. Cerullo, says of his stunning, jewel-like home. “They are floored by the transformative nature of it all. They are truly in awe.” I’d say! [via New York Times] Keep reading »

New York Couple Test Their Vows In A Tiny Microstudio

How much space do you need if sharing it with a significant other? If I’m on vacation with my husband, one room in a hotel is fine, but if we’re talking full-time living space, I need at least a one-bedroom apartment with a door to a room I can hole up in and be alone if the mood strikes (or if my dude’s watching sports on TV). I cannot even begin to fathom sharing 175 square feet with my husband and two cats, but that’s exactly what one New York couple is doing. Zaarath and Christopher Prokop live in the smallest apartment in the city in the working-class Manhattan neighborhood of Morningside Heights. The couple bought the “microstudio” for $150,000 three months ago and share it with their two cats (see all the photos here). With no closets, the couple keeps their clothes strategically stashed at various dry cleaners and in their offices. They’ve got a single hot plate, a mini-fridge, two windows, and a queen-sized bed that takes up a third of their living space. They don’t have room for a trash can (“the second something needs to be thrown out, they walk to the chute in the hallway”), but they have a kitchen cabinet full of champagne (“Zaarath’s job allows them to order cases of it”). “We really have everything we need.” says Christopher. Keep reading »

Peeping Tom: Peek Into Some Of The Smallest, Coolest Homes

It’s my favorite time of year again, and not because abundant sunshine and sandal-wearing weather is finally on the horizon, but because it’s the season for Apartment Therapy’s Smallest, Coolest Home Contest. Now in its fifth year, the home design contest is open to anyone who lives in a home 1,200 square feet or smaller. Finalists are chosen from several categories and winners are awarded $2,000 gift certificates from Room&Board. This year’s contest is now closed to new entries, but as a reader you can vote for finalists every day through Sunday the 19th, then for vote for the final four through April 29th, and then vote for a grand prize winner through May 4th. If you love peeking into people’s homes and getting a glimpse of the way they live their lives, you can easily while away hours surfing through the photos of well-designed (and sometimes, not-so-well-designed) rooms and floorplans. Last night, for example, I had terrible insomnia and was able to fill some time between one and six a.m. looking at every single contest entry. After the jump are my faves to win. Keep reading »

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