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Here’s Looking at You Webcam

After having studied abroad and living far away from my Texas based family most of the year, skyping has become as crucial as a cellphone or computer for me. Webcams sadly, have their downfalls. Chatting with my boyfriend is hard enough knowing I run the risk of him getting distracted by Terminator 3 on TV or his needy dog but, when he does look up, hes always looking down. German designer Aram Bartholl is officially my hero after creating a neat DIY contraption that makes you look straight at the person you’re talking with online instead of down at a corner. If you have some cardboard, mirrors and glass you can take advantage of this low tech solution. His flickr account has step by step instructions and he’s named his baby “Here is looking at you, Kid”. Aram Bartholl Keep reading »

Virtual Reality Gets Randy

From AIM to Skype to plain ol’ internet porno, many of us have mastered the skill of typing with one hand. Sure, cyber sex can talk the talk, but soon it will also be able to walk the walk. Strokerz Toyz is developing the first affordable motion capture suit for lay people. Set to hit shelves in 2009, it will offer users an animated fore into getting freaky via their PC. With multiple backdrops, folks will be able to develop their own wet dreams in 3-D and interface with others who have suited up in the sweet looking body harness. Soon you’ll be able to make all the right moves from miles away. [Wired] Keep reading »

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