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Sky Ferreira Goes To Compton, Dances Her Ass Off In Shoppable Video For “I Blame Myself”

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Sky Ferreira’s new video for her song “I Blame Myself” is a fun one to watch, but it’s even more fun to shop. Shot in Compton, this ode to “early ’90s gangster rap videos” features the pop singer as the neighborhood’s queen bee, driving around with her crew in a hydraulic car. But she’s still got plenty of time for a dance breakdown or two. What makes this video extra special, however, is that absolutely everything Sky wears is available for purchase through SSENSE. Hmm, I’m feeling that red blouse. BRB… [SSENCE via Idolator]

Sky Ferreira Is Naked And Soaking Wet On Her New Album Cover (NSFW)

It was a tall order for indie pop singer Sky Ferreira to outdo her super chic mugshot, but she’s certainly done it. The singer shared a SFW version of the artwork from the cover of her debut album, Night Time, My Time (coming out October 29th) on Instagram. It’s got a very Janet Leigh in “Psycho” vibe. Of course, someone found the unedited version of the photo taken by filmmaker Gaspar Noe, because BOOBS!

As for her arrest, she made a statement to Billboard saying:

“I legally can’t say much about what happened, but it’s not what it all seems. I kind of got fucked with. … No one actually knows what happened besides Cole and I and the Saugerties police…I know for a fact I’m not a drug addict. That’s all I really have to say about it. I know I’m not a drug addict. I’m sorry if it hurt anyone and I’m not trying to promote drugs and it’s not like an image thing whatsoever.”

Well, that settles that. You can see the NSFW version of the photo after the jump. [Spin] Keep reading »

Sky Ferreira & Boyfriend Arrested On Drug Charges, Take Model-iest Mugshot Photos Ever

Sky Ferreira & Boyfriend Arrested On Drug Charges, Take Model-iest Mugshot Photos Ever

Troublemakers, take note! This — this! – is how you take a mugshot photo! On Saturday morning in New York, indie pop singer Sky Ferreira and her boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith (who’s in some sort of band called DIIV, whatever the eff that is), were arrested following a routine traffic stop when police discovered that the vehicle’s plates were stolen and, oh yeah, that there was a ”plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin” in the car. The two were booked on misdemeanor charges (really? Heroin is a misdemeanor now?) and took the above mugshot photos. Seriously, these could be in Vogue or at least hung on the wall of a semi-fancy hair salon. Fierce. [Billboard]

This Is What Sky Ferreira’s New Track Reminds Me Of

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"Everything Is Embarrassing"

Stick with me here: So, electro-singer/blonde moppet Sky Ferreira released a new video for her song “Everything Is Embarrassing,” where she pouts around a playground and looks really bored and annoyed with everything. The song is minimal and vaguely catchy in the way that the sample songs on a Casio keyboard are — inoffensive and forgettable. But taken all together: Sky’s little girl lost aesthetic and her childish lyrics reminds me of…

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