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Get Your WTF Bag On

Can I just say? I love this bag. Created by Jessica Kagan Cushman, the tote features a basic black and white fleur de lis background, a scary red skull to keep away any purse snatchers, and a "WTF" logo, which I'm pretty sure stands for "What the french?" Sturdy, stylish, and totally perfect for that…
By: Susannah Breslin / March 30, 2010

Those Are Some Killer Heels You Have There, My Dear

Gianni Barbato's boots with skulls at the top of the heels are some serious you-know-what kickers. Definitely a perfect fit for the upscale girl with a penchant for the gothic look, they ain't cheap -- marked down from a whopping $870 to a mere $609 -- but they're sure to score their fair share of…
By: Susannah Breslin / January 6, 2010