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Update: Frisky Community Changes

A short while ago, we released some refinements to The Frisky’s community tools that were introduced on Wednesday. We want to thank all of you for your valuable and spirited (sometimes apoplectically so!!!) feedback – it was very helpful. It heartens us to know that so many of you can get so hot and bothered… More »

Weigh In On The Frisky’s Community Updates

As you may have noticed, yesterday we rolled out the first phase of a four-phase plan to give you, our beloved users, expanded features and tools to interact with each other and contribute to The Frisky in new and deeper ways. In this first phase, we replaced the old comments and profiles system.

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Please Note: Comments & Profiles Temporarily Offline

Hiya Frisky readers! Today we’re rolling out some exciting upgrades to The Frisky’s commenting and user profiles features. For the next hour or so, you won’t be able to comment or edit your profiles. We know, the mere thought of it is sheer TORTURE — but we promise it will be worth it. We’ll let… More »

We’re Back!

Hi, readers! We’ve been having some server issues today, but we’re working them out. You might have missed a few of the posts we’ve put up as a result, so here’s your recommended reading list:
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Why Do So Many People Want To Watch The Erin Andrews Video?
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