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The Daily Squeeze: Jamie Oliver’s Advice, Singapore’s Banned Websites, And A Wedding Shooting

  • Chef Jamie Oliver said if you want to get men to cook, you should stop having sex with them. [News.com.au]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Shark Fin Soup, A Burning Man, And Premature Ejaculation

  • Shark fin consumption in Singapore more than doubled from 2006 to 2007, largely driven by an increase in wedding celebrations. Shark fin soup is popular at Chinese wedding banquets, where it’s seen as a status symbol. “Shark’s fin is a must at a wedding,” one housewife said. “It is like a birthday cake.” [Sydney Morning Herald]
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    The Daily Squeeze: Stinky Breath, Illegal Sex Drugs, And More Theme Weddings

  • Bad breath isn’t going to help you win any friends or lovers, but luckily new research shows that brushing twice a day with an antibacterial toothpaste (like Colgate Total) and using a toothbrush with a built-in tongue scraper can eliminate chronic foul mouth. [Reuters]
  • A man in Singapore allegedly died after consuming an illegal sex pill, called Power 1 Walnut, and there are 53 other suspected cases in which men were taken to the hospital after consuming the pill. The authorities have seized about 3,000 of these particular tablets over the past two months. [The Times, S. Africa]
  • If you’re thinking about having a theme wedding, here‘s some more inspiration. [MentalFloss.com]
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    Lessons In Love

    Like the pandas who are getting lessons in love-making, students at two polytechnic schools in Singapore can take a love elective worth two credits. The government is offering the class, which include watching romantic films, holding hands, and love song analysis, to boost the city state’s flagging birthrate. According to the CIA, the birthrate in Singapore is 9.17 per 1,000. To put that in perspective, the U.S.’s birth rate is 14.16 births per 1,000, and the U.K.’s is 10.67. Get busy, kids! [Sydney Morning Herald] Keep reading »

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