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Stay Hydrated With A Stylish Water Pitcher

Actor Simon Baker moved over the weekend, and besides his sexy, spec-wearing face, we couldn’t help but notice how stylishly he stayed hydrated. Instead of wasteful (and potentially harmful) plastic water bottles, he sipped on tap water, flavored with slices of lemon, from a pitcher. Now we can’t wait til the next time we entertain at home. Besides water, we’d like to mix up a signature drink in bulk and let guests refill their glasses from the communal carafe. Click through for eight pitchers that’ll make any drink look chic. Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: TRL Says Goodbye, Hot Actors On TV, And Obama Waffles

  • So long, TRL. After 10 years, MTV’s Total Request Live is going off the air. We’re nostalgic for the Carson Daly who had an earring and wore beaded necklaces. [Variety]
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    Where Are They Now?: Heathers

    Heathers, one of the all-time best high school movies, was written by Daniel Waters. Is his new movie, Sex and Love 101 (starring Simon Baker and Winona Ryder) destined for greatness? Hmmm, we shall see. It seems to be about a man named Rodrick who is hot and has a lot going for him. Then his secretary (named Trixie?) gets an email with a list of all the people he has ever slept with, and ever will. The thing is, he’s engaged. I guess he has to go down the list and sleep with everyone before he gets married? And then he meets Death Nell, Winona Ryder’s character, who is “the worst thing to happen to men in quite some time.” She seems evil or something. The movie is out today (though the release is limited, it seems). Keep reading »

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