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Make It Work: The Curious Case Of The Office Shower

Make It Work: The Curious Case Of The Office Shower

Do you feel like you live at work? Do you spend more time there than you do your house, your car, your apartment, or the comfortable cave you’ve made out of pillows, Us Weekly magazines and your laptop in your bed at home? Do you ever wish that your workplace took care of you in the same way you take care of yourself? If you work at some companies, you can do the one thing that should be left at home: taking a shower. The Wall Street Journal reports on the alarming micro-trend of the in-office shower, and I am here to tell you that this is a very, very bad idea. Keep reading »

9 Types Of Showers We Take With Dudes

Bathe Like A Rock Star
Amelia shows you how. Read More »
Gross Bathrooms
Gross things we do in the bathroom we'd never admit to doing. Read More »
showering with men

Between our razors clogged with pieces of leg hair to the mold growing on the walls that belongs in a museum, it’s a wonder we ever let dudes into our bathrooms. But let them we do. In fact, he might just be hopping into your shower alongside you for one of these nine types of showers us ladies have been known to take with our dudes: Keep reading »

The Hairwash Photo Project

Making use of shampoo can really change you. Not only does it make you look so fresh and so clean, but it also makes you feel better (especially if you went to the beach and didn’t wash your hair all weekend). This site, which I cannot read because it’s in Russian, shows pics of people “before shower” and “after shower.” Most people just look wet, but others went through some big changes. Soap and a razor can change everything. [Hairwash Project via Notcot.org] Keep reading »

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