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C. Wonder Is Closing, So Snatch Up These Favorites!

C. Wonder, preppy haven of all things monogrammed and colorful, is closing its stores. The line was seemingly created as a copycat revenge project against C. Wonder owner Chris Burch’s ex-wife, designer Tory Burch, which makes me feel slightly less sad about missing out on the store’s semi-gaudy goodies. Still, I can’t help but mourn the loss of some of C. Wonder’s better designs. Here are some of the line’s cutest offerings, many of which are on sale, to snatch up while you still have the chance!

My First Year In New York City, As Told By My Amazon Purchase History

This piece was originally published on The Daily Dot.

After 26 years of living in California, I moved to New York City in February 2014. I did not handle it well. Although I was moving for a fun job to a city I’d often fantasized about living in, I still found myself on the corner of First Street and First Avenue in the East Village every single day after work, sobbing on the phone to my mom, begging her to convince my dad it wouldn’t be giving up if I moved back home.

As people often tell you, living in New York City is hard. Gone were the days when I could use my car as a makeshift closet in case the weather dipped. Suddenly, I had to learn about things like “layering” and “the Polar Vortex,” which I was previously convinced were things New Yorkers made up to make their lives sound more difficult than they actually were. And gone were the days when getting groceries was as easy as filling up an SUV with bags from one of the many Targets in a five-mile radius. Now the closest superstores were multiple subway lines away.

So rather than spend my time negotiating how much I could schlep home in one bag on the subway from IKEA, I did what any good online shopping addict would do. I turned to Amazon. Keep reading »

I Did My Christmas Shopping Early This Year And It Was Awesome


A few months ago, I decided on a whim that I would get my holiday shopping done early, and I’m so glad I did. I tend to be somewhat of a last-minute gift shopper, and when the idea to shop early popped into my head I wanted to make a silly little challenge with myself to see if I could actually do it. I started planning out what to buy for people on my list that same day. I’d had a weird summer and thought I’d need random projects to keep myself from getting aimlessly sad in the fall, so at first, my goal was to have all my presents purchased by the end of October. That didn’t happen, but I did have everything done before Thanksgiving, barring a gift or two!

Keep reading »

10 Holiday Party Dresses Under $50

The window for finding a perfect holiday party dress is closing in as the season heads ramps up, but the good news is that last-minute shopping means last-minute sales! We’ve all spent a brutal amount of money on gifts and emotional eating this December, so if your wallet’s in pain, take a peek at these party-ready dresses, all under $50.

This Is Your Inner Monologue Every Time You Go To Target

Painfully Accurate

I don’t know what’s in the air at Target, but it’s practically impossible to make a quick trip to that store. Walking inside is like stepping into a giant labyrinth, but instead of worrying you’ll never escape, you’re too busy being distracted by all those shiny clearance racks. How do we explain this phenomenon!? [22 Words]

24 Best Cyber Monday Sales On Lipsticks, Liners, Haircare And More

24 Best Cyber Monday Sales On Lipsticks, Liners, Haircare And More

We all know Black Friday is a crazy concept that only the bravest most ridiculous shopping souls will dare to attend every year, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us holiday couch potatoes don’t love a good sale. Cyber Monday is a much better opportunity for anybody who doesn’t feel like standing in line, fighting through crowds, and watching sad KMart workers miss their families. And what’s even better: you can buy from multiple places without ever leaving your desk–all you need to do is click around a bit for the perfect holiday gift deals. Considering we’re all obsessed with makeup, skincare, and haircare around here, it’s about time we discover all the wondrous beauty sales going on right now! Read more on The Gloss…

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