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Kickin’ Boot Jewelry

One of the best purchases a girl can make is a pair of basic meant-to-be-worn boots. Now, accessories company The 2 Bandits is giving you an even better reason to show some boot lovin’, with their cute boot bracelets that sit on the upper half calf. Adding some flare to your winter uniform, the bands lend a variety of new flavors to your kicks. The Moondance collection adds some shimmer with stripes of gold mesh, plus, there are the Fleetwood or Sunday styles with their brooch-like center pieces.

[$88.00 The 2 Bandits]

It’s Jewelry … For Your Boots!

Boots are expensive, so why not get the most out of every pair you own and switch up your look instantly with shoe jewelry! Wha? New York City jewelry designers Erica Chan and Tamar Wider have created a collection of footwear accessories called The 2 Bandits. The newest addition to the rather expansive collection is “Riders,” a line of adjustable leather and chain harnesses worn at the base of any boot—flat boot, bootie, shoetie, heeled boot, etc. And 2 Bandits isn’t just limited to chains; they also have beaded and fabric adornments for boots, including the Native American-inspired “Cherokee,” the boho-inspired “Edie,” the “Moondance,” the “Santa Fe”— the list goes on and on. So, yeah, my plain black riding boots can have a second (and third, and fourth) life. Eh, ya gotta kind of love that. [Cool Hunting]
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Sabrina Dehoff’s Sneaker Jewelry Makes For Fancy Footwork

If you want to kick it (heh) up a notch, check out Sabrina Dehoff’s new sneaker jewelry. Designed specifically for the re-release of Nike’s Air Max 1 shoe, Dehoff’s creations include smooth gold plates that rest on the laces (or are molded to the toes), blingy diamond accents, and purple rope laces with gold tips.

We’ve explored the concept of shoe jewelry before, and previously thought it was limited to high heels. What do you think? Is it worth it to dress up your non-dressy shoes? A few more looks after the jump. [TodayandTomorrow.net]

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