shit girls say

How Women Really Get Ready To Go Out

Chicks. When we’re getting ready for a night out on the town, we may start off with trying on a dresses, dancing around, and popping a little champagne, but it…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | March 14, 2012 - 10:20 am

5 Things Never To Say To Women With Short Hair

When the “shit people say” video meme veered from trying to make people laugh to trying to make boneheads with no tact shut up, I had to jump on board. My 6-foot-tall…

The Stir | January 24, 2012 - 1:50 pm

Last One, We Promise: S**t “Real Housewives” Say

We said we wouldn’t post anymore “Shit ___ People Say” videos. But we lied. So what? Sue us. The “Real Housewives” are always relevant, anyway. Do you know someone with…

Jessica Wakeman | January 12, 2012 - 2:40 pm

Okay, Finally, S**t NOBODY Says

The Internet has finally folded in on itself and pooped out the daddy of all Shit People Say videos: stuff that absolutely nobody in their right mind would ever say.

Julie Gerstein | January 11, 2012 - 3:20 pm

Evening Quickies: Oh Yes, It’s S**t Gay Guys Say To Their Cats

Tired of the “Shit __ People Say” meme yet? Too bad, because there’s a “Shit Gay Guys Say To Their Cats” video have to watch. [fourfour]
Too twee…

Jessica Wakeman | January 10, 2012 - 6:00 pm

S**t Girls Say … To Gay Guys

Girls, we say some totally annoying things to our gay guy friends. Just stop it, okay? It’s getting embarrassing. [YouTube] …

Julie Gerstein | January 9, 2012 - 10:40 am

All The Single Ladies … Say This S**t

I’m too intimidating. I hate birthdays. I hate New Year’s. Yup. I’ve said all of these things and more. Behold, shit single ladies say. [YouTube] …

Julie Gerstein | January 5, 2012 - 1:40 pm

Shit White Girls Say … To Black Girls

The “Shit Girls Say” video series is pretty funny, but some of the inevitable spin-offs (“Shit Asian Girls Say,” etc.) have been lacking. But here is one I can totally…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | January 4, 2012 - 3:20 pm

Girl, No, You’re Like, Seriously The Best

Watch as our intrepid pals from Shit Girls Say give us yet another collection of stupid — and yet totally true — things ladies utter. Because seriously, you’re the best.

Julie Gerstein | December 28, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Even More S**t That Girls Say

Oh my God, you guys! Is that hummus? Seriously, that dog realllllllly needs some water. For real. [YouTube] …

Julie Gerstein | December 19, 2011 - 4:40 pm

“Go Into My Purse,” “What’s My Password?” & Other S**t Girls Say

Listen, could you do me a huge favor? Could you watch this video right now and just try and tell me that it isn’t filled with shit girls, including yourself,…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | December 12, 2011 - 4:20 pm