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So Necessary: Al Roker’s Sharting Confession Get Auto-Tuned

Al Pooped His Pants
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I Started Passing Gas...

I guess we should have expected this, or, you know, prayed for it, but Al Roker’s terribly TMI sharting-at-the-White-House confession has been auto-tuned into a sweet jam. It’s less mortifying somehow…

Everybody Sharts: Al Roker Recounts His Sharting Episode, Plus Other Sharts In History

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Pooping At Work
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Somebody Sharted, Oh Oh Oh Oh!

Ever since we heard about how Al Roker accidentally sharted while visiting the White House, we’ve been struggling with the proper way to cover the story. After all, Al Roker + sharting + White House = the pinnacle of comedy. Sure, we’re glad Roker is okay and everything, but come on. How did that interviewer keep a straight face?

Of course, sharting happens. It happens so much, that we actually reached back in time, and found some examples of sharting in literature. Please click through to see what we’re talking about. And next time, think long and hard before you decide whether it’s really just a fart.

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