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Ian Ziering Dishes On “Sharknado 2,” Talks About Being “Daddy Of The Year” & Plays “90210″-Themed “Would You Rather?”

...Do Drugs With Emily Valentine Or David Silver?
Acting With Ian Ziering
Dreams Do Come True: Ian Ziering & I Acted Out A Classic Scene From "Beverly Hills, 90210" And I Totally Died Inside
Amelia reenacted a classic "90210" scene with Steve Sanders himself! Read More »

When my boo Ian Ziering comes by The Frisky offices, I make the most of my time with him. That means in addition to coercing Ian into acting out a classic scene from “Beverly Hills, 90210,” I also made him play a little game of Nine-Oh-themed “Would You Rather?” This is probably the first time in a while that Ian has heard the name “Emily Valentine.” Afterwards, Ian and I chatted about what’s ahead for the hotly anticipated sequel to his sleeper hit “Sharknado” and discussed his work with DaddyScrubs.com as their “Daddy of the Year.” Can I just say that Ian is hands down the kindest, coolest, most genuine celeb I have ever had the privilege of spending quality time with? Platonic soulmate status.  Keep reading »

An 8-Year-Old Might Have Just Penned The “Sharknado” Sequel

Glory, glory! Today, SyFy announced that there will, indeed be a “Sharknado” sequel.

“Every once in a while, there is a perfect storm – on television. The fans are clamoring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel … What we can guarantee is that ‘Sharknado 2′will be lots of fun. We’ll be announcing more details very soon. But we didn’t want our fans to worry they wouldn’t get their fill of more shark fin, I mean, fun next year,” said the EVP of SyFy programming.

As if that weren’t good enough news, SyFy is now accepting title suggestions for “Sharknado 2.” You can Tweet them to @SyfyMovies using the hashtag #Sharknado.

Unrelated, but totally related, this page of a screenplay about Squid-Shark-Alligator hybrids (written by an eight-year-old at summer camp) was posted on Reddit last night. SyFy, I think we’ve got a winner here. “Sharknado 2: The Attack Of The Squarklligators.” Jeremy London could star in it. Guy needs a comeback performance. You can see a larger photo of the image on the right after the jump. [Gossip CopDangerous Minds]

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6 Things I Learned From Watching The Amazing Sharks-Plus-Tornadoes Movie “SharkNado”

Ian Gets A Lap Dance
Watch Amelia Give Ian Ziering A Lap Dance
Watch Amelia give her all to Ian Ziering. Read More »
Ian's Blue Steel
Ian Ziering On The Red Carpet At Chippendales
Ian Ziering gives his best "Blue Steel." Read More »
Ian's BH 90210 Quiz
How Well Does Ian Ziering Know "Beverly Hills, 90210"'s Steve Sanders?
How well does Ian Ziering know Steve Sanders? Read More »

Did you watch the Ian Ziering-helmed SyFy ridiculousness that is “SharkNado” last night? Because I did! And it was … amazing! And … informative! And I think I might be ready to pursue a career as a meteoranimalogist (that’s the guy who predicts the next and latest combo-predatory animal/extreme weather). For anybody who for some stupid reason missed “SharkNado,” here’s what it’s about: The oceans flood, biblical-style, off the cost of Santa Monica, and the sharks are pissed! At the same time, a triple tornado strikes the city of Los Angeles. This creates a literal perfect storm of extreme weather and shark attacks. The movie stars Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and John Heard (who, OMG, what happened to you, dad from “Home Alone”?). It is predictably terrible, but I learned many things, like… Keep reading »

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