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Girl Talk: My Boyfriend Made Me Feel Ashamed Of My Sexual History

It started when I spotted an ex-boyfriend barreling toward us down the street. My pulse jolted, and I grabbed my current-boyfriend’s elbow and tugged him across the road, darting yellow taxis as we fled. “Ugh,” I laughed, tossing a surreptitious glance over my shoulder. “I dated him years back.” “Who?” Jared’s gaze followed mine, though…
By: Allison Winn Scotch / June 27, 2011

Dear Wendy: “Should I Tell My Boyfriend I Lied About My Sexual History?”

Two years ago when my boyfriend and I were having a conversation about when we lost our virginity, I lied and told him I was 22 and had slept with three people before him. The truth is that I'd just lost my virginity a few months earlier when I was 25 and hadn't slept with…
By: Wendy Atterberry / March 25, 2010

Don’t Reveal Your Sexual Past Or Your Income

There are two topics which women should never discuss in a new dating situation: (1) the exact number of men on your list of former lovers; and (2) your salary.
By: / July 21, 2009

Friday Quickies!

New Sarah Haskins video! Yay! [Current] Men tell their thoughts about women's past sexual partners. [Tango] A one-night stand can evolve into a relationship. [College Candy] Here's your guide to the Boys of Summer. [College Candy] First kisses are special, but there are some things you never…
By: Annika Harris / July 18, 2008

What Daughters Want To Know About Mothers

Joyce McFadden, a New York City psychoanalyst, who runs a site called Women’s Realities, actively conducts studies where she asks women questions and then let’s them answer in their own words. As you'd expect, we ladies have sex on our minds. So, when prompted with, What do you want to know about your…
By: Simcha / May 15, 2008

Relationship Novice: Sexual History 101

Revealing the number of people you’ve fooled around with is a lot like calling your grandmother. It’s one of those things you feel like you should do, but you really don’t want to. Why? Because you know you’re going to have a loooooong, drawn out conversation that essentially makes you feel uncomfortable. Sorry, Grams, but…
By: Lindsay A. / February 15, 2008