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Girl Talk: My Boyfriend Made Me Feel Ashamed Of My Sexual History

It started when I spotted an ex-boyfriend barreling toward us down the street. My pulse jolted, and I grabbed my current-boyfriend’s elbow and tugged him across the road, darting yellow taxis as we fled.
“Ugh,” I laughed, tossing a surreptitious glance over my shoulder. “I dated him years back.”

“Who?” Jared’s gaze followed mine, though his laugh did not.

“That guy back there. Forget it. He’s no one,” I said, and pressed the incident from my mind as quickly as it arose. After all, this was New York, and the streets were teeming with acquaintances with whom I no longer wanted to engage. Crossing the street was as sure a remedy as I knew to move on. But later that night, after we’d ordered burritos and made stilted small talk, Jared was mired in sourness, and eventually, after much prodding, he admitted the reason for his funk.

“I don’t like the fact that you’ve slept with other guys.” He said, pouting, reminding me of a five-year old stripped of his favorite toy car. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Everyone Thinks I’m A Slut”

I’m 21 years old, and have had 11 sexual partners. I have been in relationships with men I was always faithful to. I have never had a one-night stand, and I am very careful when it comes to practicing safe sex. I still talk to most of the men I have been with, since most were good friends of mine before we slept together, and overall I am perfectly happy with my choices. On a personal level, I have no regrets. However, I cannot seem to get away from that awful word “slut.” I am well aware that I have slept with more men than most girls my age, but I believe we all go through different routes to find happiness and our soul mates. But other people think differently, and I have been judged and called a slut more times than I can count. I have begun seeing a new man, and we have not slept together yet. He is a great guy, but I am scared to tell him how many partners I have had. I am afraid he is going to think I am a slut, and even though he might not say it, he will think less of me. How do I approach telling him, or should I? I won’t apologize for something I don’t feel is wrong, but at the same time I understand that being with a girl who has had a lot of sexual partners can be difficult, and intimidating. And how do I stop it from getting to me that people think I am such a slut? I’m happy with my choices, why can’t people just leave it alone? — Sexually Active in Vermont

Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Have You Ever Lied About Your Sexual Experience?

On an early date with my ex, we were discussing sexual experiences (what, me discuss sex?!) and he told me that he had had a threesome. Months later I found out that he had lied. I wasn’t mad about it, but because it was such an odd thing to make up, I’ve never forgotten it. (I’ve also never figured out why. Was he trying to show off? Plant the seed for a future threesome, which he tried, in vain, to have up until we broke up?) This week I read Glamour‘s “5 Lies Men Tell About Their Sexual History (Hint: The Three-Way is BS)” and discovered that, apparently, many men tell this little fib, along with other sex lies like “I lost my virginity when I was 16!” and “This has never happened before.” So what about the guys on our IM? What sex lies have they told? Keep reading »

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