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Dater XY: How Long Will This Sexual Hangover Last?

Dater XY: How Long Will This Sexual Hangover Last?

Last Wednesday, The Chewer called to ask if I’d like to go on another date this weekend. I had been leaning against the “post-sex guilt” date but decided a short walk around the park and coffee wouldn’t kill me on a nice fall day.

As we walked around the park the usual awkward silence was intermixed with the occasional question and answer. Not wanting to waste anymore of each other’s time, I suggested we sit down on a bench and talk. Without missing a beat, The Chewer asked, “You don’t want to see me anymore, do you?” Keep reading »

Bad Sexual Chemisty Is A Relationship Dealbreaker

Many women (and some men, too) fall in love and think they can “fix” the person they are with. He may have bad hair, she may smoke, he could snore at night or wear the wrong clothing. Most of these problems can be dealt with, but there some that cannot and sexual chemistry is the biggest.

A recent letter to The Daily Mail relationship expert asks this very question: Can a relationship survive when you have everything in place but the good sex? The answer, sadly, is a resounding no. If the sex is bad, the relationship must end. 

Oh I know. I can hear the groaning from here. But the answer holds firm. Try as you might to believe otherwise, sexual chemistry is an absolute dealbreaker in a relationship. It may seem shallow, but it really is not. Read more…

Dear Wendy: “Can A Relationship Work Without Sexual Chemistry?”

I have been with my fiance for a little over two years. We share a strong friendship, have many things in common and our personalities definitely complement each other. We’ve been through enough of the tough stuff that I don’t question what our relationship will be like for the rest of our lives, and I know in my heart that he will be a wonderful husband and father when we have children. We agree on timing, when to get married, when to have kids, even the kids’ names. Being with him has allowed me to be my best self, his love and support are ever-present in his actions and words. The problem is I don’t feel a sexual attraction to him. I enjoy the way he kisses me and usually enjoy our intimate encounters, but I never feel that “I have to have you right now” feeling. I never have, not for him. I used to be a very sexual person and I miss that part of myself. I try to tell him certain ways to do certain things, but I never feel that yearning for him. The attraction just isn’t there. Does this just happen after living together for a couple of years? I love him and I am willing to work at this, but I worry that maybe we just lack the sexual chemistry that I crave. Everything else about us feels right and I can’t imagine not waking up with him for the rest of my life. I guess my question is, do you need sexual chemistry as well as love to make a relationship work? — Wants to Want Him

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