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Low Libido Gets A Fancier, More Serious Name

Haven’t gotten laid in a while? Don’t even really care to try? Your low libido and laziness may be a symptom of something far scarier sounding! Sexual anorexia. Dr. Drew Pinsky, the hot, grey-haired medicine man from VH1′s “Celebrity Rehab” series, answered a reader question for The New York Times about “too little sex” and whether it’s as big a problem as “too much sex.” Dr. Drew replied:

Fundamentally, sexual anorexia is yet another manifestation of intimacy disorders, among which sexual addiction is one of the more common manifestations today … People with intimacy disorders cannot tolerate closeness. Interestingly, the anorexia commonly kicks in when a patient gets involved with someone who might be genuinely available for true intimate connection.

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