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On Aaron Sorkin And “The Newsroom”‘s Woman Problem

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The Newsroom

Being an Aaron Sorkin fan runs in my blood. My mom might have been the world’s biggest “West Wing” fan. Although I was too young to really understand the show when it was on the air, I’ve since gone back and watched and loved almost the whole series. Granted, when I watched “The West Wing” I was sure that I would grow up and become a real-life C.J., so why I liked it could be questioned. Maybe it just gave me my political junkie fix or maybe I finally felt like I found a place where people talked faster than me.

As I’ve grown up however, I’ve traded my political ambitions for more journalistic ones. And, apparently, so has Aaron Sorkin. Which is why I was more than happy to watch his newest show “The Newsroom.” (Spoiler alerts ahead!) Keep reading »

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