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Porn Fans Want A Mila Kunis Sex Tape Next

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Amelia tried and failed to masturbate to Farrah and James' sex tape. Read More »
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Mila Kunis

You don’t always get what you want, my friends. And that’s especially prescient advice for porno fans, who it seems are clamoring for a Mila Kunis sex tape. Yes, Kunis — not Jessica Biel or Kate Upton or Megan Fox or Rihanna — tops the list of celebs they’d most like to see in a porno. The survey, conducted by porn purveyors XCritic.com and Vivid Entertainment (both totally NSFW, of course), put Kunis on top (sorry) with 38 percent of the vote. Jennifer Lawrence came in second with 23 percent. Others on the list included Sofia Vergara (15 percent), Angelina Jolie (13 percent) and Selena Gomez (about 10 percent).

Porn audiences are very fickle. Apparently last month, J.Law topped the survey. And while we very much doubt that a Mila Kunis or Jennifer Lawrence sex tape will ever be forthcoming, we were curious as to why Kunis suddenly shot up the ranks. Here are a few guesses: Keep reading »

Hey! Courtney Stodden Has A Sex Tape Too — Plus A Brief History Of Why We’re Obsessed With Boobs

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  • Stop paying attention to Farrah Abraham’s sex tape because Courtney Stodden says she has one too! Shrug. [Celebuzz]
  • Today in things science confirmed that I already knew: musicians get more girls. Yup. That’s pretty much how I spent my 20s. [Newser]
  • Everyone loves boobs. Yes, that’s a fact. But have you ever wondered why? Here’s a brief history of why boobs are so fascinating to us. [Nerve] Keep reading »

Farrah Abraham Plans To Show Her Daughter Her Sex Tape “When She’s 13 Or 14″

Watch Farrah's Sex Tape!
We got a seriously NSFW clip! Read More »
Meant To Be Private?
Farrah says her sex tape was never supposed to be seen. HA! Read More »
Farrah's Pregnancy Test
farrah abraham james deen porn
James Deen sounds off on Farrah Abraham's pregnancy test stunt. Read More »

Hello, Child Protective Services? “Teen Mom” and erstwhile porn star Farrah Abraham told a radio station that she’s saved a “baby box” for her toddler Sophia, which she plans to hand over when her daughter is “around 13 or 14, gets her period and is like ‘Oh, I kinda want a boyfriend.’”  In it, she’s got all the episodes of “Teen Mom,” her book, and … the porno she filmed with James Deen. Or, as Farrah insists on calling it, her “sex tape.” Why, you might ask, would a 7th or 8th grade girl want to watch a porn film starring her mother? Farrah doesn’t have an explanation herself, but she seems to think that getting one’s period is a sign of advanced sexual maturity and not just, like, part of puberty. There’s nothing wrong with filming a porn, or being a sex worker, and also being a parent. There’s nothing wrong with being a teen parent, either. What is wrong is involving your kid in that confusing (and frankly, gross — no kid wants to know about their mom’s sex life!) realm before the kid is mature enough to mentally and emotionally process it. While I can admire Farrah’s stance as a parent that “I do not hide things,” she obviously isn’t thinking with her Responsible Parenting Cap on with this one. [Celebitchy] [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

James Deen Sounds Off On Farrah Abraham’s Pregnancy Test Publicity Stunt

Watch Farrah's Sex Tape!
We got a seriously NSFW clip! Read More »
Failed Farrah Wank
Amelia tried to masturbate to Farrah's sex tape ... unsuccessfully. Read More »
Farrah On James' Penis
farrah abraham
Farrah Abraham says James Deen has a small penis. Read More »
  • James Deen is not amused that his sex tape co-star “Teen Mom”‘s Farrah Abraham was photographed by paparazzi shopping for a pregnancy test. “To say you’re potentially pregnant is not something to joke about. When you knowingly involve another human being and a publicity stunt around that, a child is not something to be taken lightly,” he told Celebuzz.  Hear, hear! “I am taking it seriously enough to research the possibility of someone getting pregnant from anal sex and semen on their face while they are having sex on their period with a sponge inside them.” Okay, that’s more than we needed to know, James … [Celebuzz]
  • Beyoncé’s canceled a performance in Belgium due to “exhaustion” and dehydration, leading to further rumors that she might be pregnant with Baby #2. [People]
  • The National Transportation Safety Board has voted to recommend states lower the blood alcohol content level that constitutes drunk driving from .08 to .05. So, um, get your irresponsible drinking in now? [NBC News] Keep reading »

Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Is More Popular Than Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

Watch Farrah's Sex Tape!
We got a seriously NSFW clip! Read More »
Review: Farrah's Porn
Amelia tried and failed to masturbate to Farrah and James' sex tape. Read More »
  • Mazel tov, Farrah Abraham, your sex tape with James Deen has crushed the numbers set by Kim Kardashian and Ray J. But no one is interested in “Keeping Up With The Abrahams,” really. [New York Post]
  • Lauryn Hill has been sentenced to three months in prison for tax evasion. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • The “Ender’s Game” trailer is here, nerds! [YouTube]
  • A drunk Tiger Woods supposedly embarrassed girlfriend Lindsey Vonn by swaying and stumbling at last night’s Met Gala. Well, that will probably be the least of the embarrassment you will get from him, Linds. [US Weekly]
  • Also, BellaSugar has a roundup of all the Met Gala nails! [BellaSugar] Keep reading »

True Story: I Tried (And Failed) To Masturbate To The Farrah Abraham And James Deen Sex Tape

"Farrah Superstar" Update
More thoughts on Farrah Abraham's sex tape with James Deen. Read More »
Watch Farrah's Sex Tape!
We got a seriously NSFW clip! Read More »
Fave Male Porn Star
Amelia's new favorite male porn star is Manuel Ferrara. Read More »

UPDATE: I have since viewed 40+ minute scene from “Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom” and have additional thoughts!

Last night, in the name of journalism — okay, I was bored and horny — I decided to take one for the team (that would be you guys, my beloved Frisky readers) and hopped in bed to masturbate while watching the 5:12 clip from Farrah Abraham’s sex tape, “Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom.” Or, rather,  I attempted to masturbate to it. But I’ll get to that in a second…

Yesterday afternoon, I sort of half-assed watched the clip from Farrah and James’ porn and mostly felt uncomfortable because I was at work and I usually don’t like starring at unfamiliar vagina as my coworkers eat lunch around me. But I must admit, I was curious to give the video a closer looksie at home. Though I am a Manuel Ferrara loyalist, James Deen has, hands down, the best sex growl in the biz. His baby-faced boyishness makes it all the more surprising and hot when he breaks out the dirty talk and tit slapping. So, hey, a new James Deen scene to watch? Who cares if his costar is a “Teen Mom”? If she’s good enough for James Deen, she’s fine by me!

Around midnight last night, I kicked my dog Lucca out of bed and on to the couch (nothing distracts from a good solo sex sesh like a puppy trying to curl up under the covers), got out my laptop and my Jimmy Jane vibe, flicked out the lights for, you know, ambiance, hopped in bed and pressed play. Keep reading »

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