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Hey! Courtney Stodden Has A Sex Tape Too — Plus A Brief History Of Why We’re Obsessed With Boobs

Sex With Hornets?
A man had sex with a hornets nest and died. Read More »
Loud Orgasms
Sometimes they're appropriate. Read More »
  • Stop paying attention to Farrah Abraham’s sex tape because Courtney Stodden says she has one too! Shrug. [Celebuzz]
  • Today in things science confirmed that I already knew: musicians get more girls. Yup. That’s pretty much how I spent my 20s. [Newser]
  • Everyone loves boobs. Yes, that’s a fact. But have you ever wondered why? Here’s a brief history of why boobs are so fascinating to us. [Nerve] Keep reading »

Zoe Saldana’s Lesbian Desires — Plus Men Get PMS, Too!

Zoe Saldana's Weight
Zoe Saldana on Allure
Allure posted Zoe Saldana's weight on the cover. Read More »
  • Has Zoe Saldana ever had a relationship with a woman? “…” Seriously, that was her answer. That seems like a YES to me. [Evil Beet Gossip]
  • Shed some tearz for the world’s saddest prostitutes. Or don’t. Because one of them is Lindsay Lohan. [Cracked]
  • After a series of appeals, a transsexual woman in Hong Kong has been granted the right to marry. Congrats! [Newser]
  • IMS is just like PMS … but for men. This changes everything. [iVillage]
  • A new study says that our sex dreams may affect our real life relationships. Now that I’m thinking about it, I once had a sex dream about a boss and then quit shortly after. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a particularly sexy sex dream. [Nerve]
  • Speaking of sex dreams, this guy’s girlfriend dreamed that the tip of his penis broke off. I hate to think how that would affect their relationship. [Em & Lo] Keep reading »

What Is Dave Franco Deep Throating? Plus, How To Talk To Your Mom About Her Sex Life

Failed Farrah Wank
Amelia tried to masturbate to Farrah's sex tape ... unsuccessfully. Read More »
"Farrah Superstar" Update
More thoughts on Farrah Abraham's sex tape with James Deen. Read More »
  • In case you were wondering, that’s a dildo he’s about to deep throat there. If you want to see more pics of Dave Franco playing with sex toys on the set of “Townies,” today’s your lucky day. [Socialite Life]
  • There’s a way to start leaving your things at his place without freaking him out. Although, I must say, that if a guy is freaked out by your toothbrush finding a permanent home near his sink, that doesn’t speak well of him. [A New Mode]
  • Anne Bancroft in “The Graduate” is obviously the number one film MILF of all time. Check out the other nine who made the list. [Next Movie]
  • In honor of Mother’s Day, one brave woman sat down with her mother and asked her questions about her sex life. I don’t think I could go there, but it’s fun to live vicariously through someone who has more courage than I. [Nerve]
  • “I love it when you [blank] with your [blank].” A guide to dirty talk for beginners. [Em & Lo] Keep reading »

A Fair And Honest Review Of All The Mattresses We’ve Had Sex On

A new survey done by a totally biased, “traditional” mattress company found that couples who sleep on memory-foam beds are having the shittiest of shitty sex lives. Some people surveyed described sex on their memory-foam mattresses as “stuck in quicksand,” “uncomfortable,” “difficult” or even “horrible.”

Well, that sounds terribly unsexy, unless you’re into S&M. But you just can’t trust this study because the market for memory-foam beds has jumped 20 percent in the last eight years, so these traditional mattress companies — like the one who sponsored this research — don’t really have your best, sexual interests at heart.

But we do! May The Frisky bureau of consumer affairs present a fair and honest review of all the mattresses we’ve hit it on. [9News]

Dating Don'ts: In Bed
Don't ever say these things in bed. Read More »

Happy Clitoral Awareness Week — Plus, Things That Make Women Instadry

Watch Farrah's Sex Tape!
We got a seriously NSFW clip! Read More »
Self Love Distractions
cat snuggling
The worst ways to be interrupted during a self-love session. Read More »
Failed Farrah Wank
Amelia tried to masturbate to Farrah's sex tape ... unsuccessfully. Read More »
  • Happy Clitoral Awareness Week! How is your clitoris doing? I think all clitorises (clitorii?) will be a lot better after celebrating them all week. [Ask Men]
  • You might have orgasms, but that doesn’t mean you know all there is to know about them. Clitoral Awareness Week is a better time than any to learn. [Tres Sugar]
  • This teacher was fired for posing in some sexy bikini photos. Just to be clear, she was fully clothed and did not have an affair with a student. [Huffington Post Weird News]
  • Beware! Your partner might be gaslighting you. That is not code for farting in the bed to wake you up. [Betty Confidential]
  • There are so many reasons why a woman is not sleeping with you. Here are just a few. Starting with, she’s not in the mood. [Modern Man]
  • We see Cosmo’s instasoft list and raise it this instadry list. [Nerve] Keep reading »

Just Kidding! That Sex Superbug Is Not About To Sweep Our Genitals

Sex Superbug?
condom photo
It could be deadlier than AIDS. Read More »
One woman talks about getting an STD. Read More »
Condom Excuses
The five worst excuses men use to avoid wearing condoms. Read More »

That potentially deadlier than AIDS sex superbug that you were up all night worrying about was so not worth losing any sleep over. Well, at least not this week. According to Dr. Kimberly Workowski, a professor of infectious disease, “The sky is not falling — yet.” Don’t worry, you fatalists, the sky will fall eventually, but our current state of panic over the superbug is all a big mixup, according to NBC News. Keep reading »

True Story: My Mom Was A Sex Professor At My College

Hookups We Regret
Don't remind us we did that. Read More »
GT: Scared of Sex
She was terrified of sex because of her upbringing. Read More »
Screwed By Sex Ed
Mississippi learns the hard way abstinence-only sex ed sucks. Read More »

By the time I entered my junior year of college, I was convinced that Binghamton University had only three kinds of guys. There were the players. There were the boys who were saving themselves for marriage. And there were the ones who learned about sex from my mother.

A biological anthropologist, my mom taught Intro to Sex and Evolution, which focused on everything from mating systems in the Animal Kingdom to why women go through menopause. Pretty much every student in the life sciences took it. Those who didn’t heard stories of the professor with the sign in her office that read: My biggest fear is that there is no PMS and this is my personality.

Thus, at the age of 19, I could flawlessly explain the mechanics of seahorse sex, but had only a vague notion of how it might work between two humans. I feared getting into an intimate situation only to have word of it get back to her, or worse, hearing her clinical scientific explanation of it in my head. And if a guy ever mentioned sex and my mother in the same sentence, forget about it. Keep reading »

Cheaters Love To Eat At The Cheesecake Factory — Plus How To Takes The Best Selfies

Hotel Sex
You're paying big bucks, make it great. Read More »
Booty Call Ettiquette
woman waking up
You should not wake your roommate up if you're having a booty call. Read More »
  • The real reason people cheat is … hell if I know, but these people think they do. [Uptown Mag]
  • But if you are going to cheat, you should probably take your mister/mistress to the Cheesecake Factory. Because they have so many menu options (that menu is longer than the Bible!) and apparently it’s where adulterers prefer to dine. [The Gloss]
  • How to deal when you and your partner have totally different sex drives? CHEAT! I’m kidding, of course. [Gurl]
  • Ice cubes, candle wax and feathers: these are some of the tools of sensation play. [Em & Lo]
  • What’s porn got to do with it? Very little according to a new study. [iVillage] Keep reading »

Korean Teacher Beats A Student, Then Beats Off

Highway Masturbator
This woman was accused of masturbating on a Florida highway. Read More »
Why the anti-masturbation movement is good for men and women. Read More »
Worst Teacher Ever?

This video shows the commotion after a teacher in Korea violently beat a student and then masturbated in front of the rest of his students. Police arrested the unidentified teacher (the man in the video with his pants down), for causing bodily harm to a minor and public exposure.

According to student witnesses, the teacher beat a boy “savagely” when he discovered he was wearing headphones in class. Then he ran out into the hallway and furiously masturbated. The teacher denies touching himself (although it’s hard to explain why he is pantsless if that’s the case) but admitted to the beating. He is suspended from the school indefinitely. WTF? [Guyism]

The 7 Most Incredible Orgasms

After an accident left 43-year-old Rafe Biggs a quadriplegic, he found a new way to experience sexual pleasure. About a year after becoming paralyzed, Rafe discovered that he has a “surrogate penis”… on his hand when he was able to have an orgasm by having his girlfriend suck his thumb.

“I felt this build-up of energies and felt I was getting closer and closer to orgasm … When I did it was one wave of pleasure after another – it was amazing. I never thought it would be possible, but massaging and sucking on my thumb, feels a lot like my penis used to feel – it’s really hot,” said Rafe.

Doctors call this a “transfer orgasm,” when another body part gives the same sensation as the genitals. I call that un-fucking-believable. Good for Rafe and his penis thumb. [IB Times]

Click onward for more of the craziest orgasm stories.

Brain During Orgasm
This is what the female brain looks like during an orgasm. Watch »
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