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What We Missed: Do You Keep A List Of All The People You’ve Slept With?

"Why wouldn't I keep a list of people I've had sex with?

Oh, don’t mind me. I was just busy working on my list of past sexual partners. Is that a strange thing to do? I’ve read a number of articles on the subject recently and was fascinated to see a number of commenters on those posts remarking on it being a weird thing to do. To be honest, once my number of sexual partners got into the double digits, I started keeping a list. And then I slacked off on the list and forgot about it, until this week, when I decided to make my list from scratch. While I have a gut feeling I’m missing a dude or two, I am proud to say that I remember all but ONE first name. Go me! Anyway, I and the rest of the Frisky gals discuss keeping sex lists, as well as a few other juicy topics — nail polish for Muslim women, storing data in DNA double helixes and whether beards are sexy or gross — in this week’s episode of What We Missed. Enjoy! And obviously I expect you to share whether you keep a list of your sex partners or not. 

Proof Men Lie About Their Sex Number, Courtesy Of The U.S. Government

Lately, we’ve been a little obsessed with the notches on bedposts. Maybe it’s because a bunch of celeb man whores made us feel like prudes, or a few female celebs made us feel like really Frisky gals (well, except for Joan Crawford). Anyway, what we found so shocking was that, while Warren Beatty supposedly has slept with over 12,775 women since he became a star, by our count, Madonna’s only had 31. It begs the question, how are these men sleeping with this many women, yet the women aren’t sleeping with that many men? Keep reading »

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Final Purge: Sex And The City Mania!

We swear, after Monday, when Catherine and I will have a brief IM about what we thought of the movie, we will not write about this show AGAIN. Or at least for a very, very long time. — Editor

  • Over the course of the show, Carrie had 14 sex partners, Charlotte had 17, Miranda had 18, and Samantha had 40. [CTV.ca]
  • SATC is expected to open second this weekend — behind Indiana Jones, which will likely hold its number one spot. [LA Times]
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