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“Self Taught” Hypnotist Tried To Make A Client His Sex Slave

Talk about creepy: a 40-year-old “self taught” hypnotist in the UK is facing a prison sentence for persuading a woman under his trance to show him her breasts. Timothy Porter, who served in the military until 2012, violated a woman who trusted him to give her hypnotherapy for anxiety and weight management. After they’d had several sessions together, Porter did a session in the woman’s home while her husband was away and insisted on a deeper hypnosis than they’d done before. As reported by the Daily Mail UK, Porter sat down next to her on the couch and, according to prosecutor Jonathan Walker, kept repeating “No mind, no will of your own” as he started the trance. He told the victim that he was her master, and she was his sexual slave. Porter talked the her into showing and touching her breasts while he performed a sex act on himself. She eventually broke out of the trance and called a friend, scared, who called the police.
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A Convicted Sex Offender Tells His Side Of The Story In Vanity Fair

The December issue of Vanity Fair contains a pretty shocking article called “A Crime Of Shadows.” The piece is about a convicted sex offender named “J” who was coaxed by Pennsylvania detective Michele Deery into meeting for sex in a parking lot. While this is not a crime, Deery had posed in a chat room as “Heather,” a mother with two kids and she made it very clear to J that she wanted her young children—who she said were ages 8 and 11—to be involved. Deery and J had quite a lot of nasty back-and-forth before their meeting, where a bunch of cops, not a mother and her two kids, showed up and slapped J with a slew of charges, landing him time in prison. But what about his side of the story? That’s what this piece focuses on. Keep reading »

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