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Let’s All Feel Uncomfortable About This Toddler Finding His Mother’s Giant Dildo

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dildo toddler

It’s never too early to discover your mom’s huge silicone dildo. Wait, yes it is. It’s always too early. Fortunately I don’t think this toddler has any idea what Mommy likes to do with her special toy from an Ann Summers sex toy party, only that she’s very upset he found it and wants it back. Hmmm. Hope she keeps the nipple clamps better hidden. [Guyism]

Marvel Comic-Themed Sex Toys? Plus, Everything You Need To Know About Erotic Hypnosis

HBO Penises
Alexander Skarsgard penis True Blood
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Vibes With Faces
buxxxer sex toys
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GT: Fat Sex
Girl Talk: How Having Sex With A Fat Guy Changed Me
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  • Maybe you’d like to try the Thor. Or maybe you’re more of a Black Widow kind of girl. You can check out the whole line of fictional Marvel Comic-themed sex toys created by a Tumblr user and see what you’re feelin’. [College Candy]
  • This is a revolutionary concept, but, wait for it … real women have real fantasies. Here are a few of them. [Ask Men]
  • Of course, erotic hypnosis exists. You can book an appointment with this practitioner. [Nerve]
  • If you never orgasm during sex (or don’t orgasm as much as you’d like to), you’ll be pleased to know that there is nothing wrong with you. But maybe the erotic hypnotherapist can help. [Your Tango]
  • Snooki thinks Kate Middleton is a MILF. [Celebuzz] Keep reading »

Now You Can Have An Orgasm While You Ride Your Bicycle

Your Vagina And Your Bike
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Loud Orgasms
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With our busy lifestyles, multitasking is a necessity. Like say, for instance, if you want to try to squeeze in both daily exercise (or in the case of NYC’s new Citibike program, your morning commute) and a masturbation session, so you can save the 15 minutes you might spend clicking mindlessly through your Instagram feed. Well, the Happy Ride, a bicycle seat cover with a discreet, high-powered vibrator tucked inside, makes it possible. The sex toy disguised as bicycle gear goes for about $40 and comes with an attached remote control so you can adjust the vibration speed to your liking. Keep reading »

Whoopsies! Michele Bachmann Got A Vibrator In The Mail

Rudely Interrupted
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  • Conservative Christian consultants meant to send Rep. Michele Bachmann a head massager in the mail to help soothe her migraines, but accidentally mailed her a vibrator. Hey, Marcus Bachmann likely has not touched her for a while, so I really hope she kept it. [Huffington Post]
  • Gawker has obtained a tape of Kanye West ranting about Taylor Swift, his mom, Pink … and a whole lot of other shit. [Gawker]
  • Jay-Z has officially removed the hyphen from his name. I mean, Jay Z. [Naughty But Nice Rob]
  • TMZ wrote a nasty blog post about how Lea Michele “controlled” Cory Monteith in their relationship. Shitty. [The Gloss]
  • If you wanna see what Madonna’s closet looks like, here are some photos of her trying on different outfits that leaked from her Blackberry. [ONTD]
  • On Rolling Stone‘s Jahar Tsarnaev cover and “media-induced PTSD.” [HyperVocal]

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Spiderman Might Be Gay — Plus The Most Adorable Vibrators Ever

Vibrators With Faces?
buxxxer sex toys
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Bad Hookup Stories
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Sex-pos Vs. Sex-neg
The Soapbox: Feminism Deserves Better than “Sex-Negative vs. Sex-Positive”
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  • There’s a very good chance that Spiderman is gay, says Andrew Garfield. My spidey senses predicted that ages ago. [Socialite Life]
  • Spiderman may not be out of the closet yet, but Miss South Carolina, Analouisa Valencia, is. [Uptown Magazine]
  • These vibrators are absolutely adorable…if adorable is what you’re looking for in a sex toy. [Gurl]
  • Better yet, this book will teach you how to become a human vibrator. There’s nothing more adorable than that. [Em & Lo]
  • This fun piece of TV criticism explores what your favorite characters’ living rooms say about their sex lives. [Nerve] Keep reading »

Sex Toy Race In New York Supports Marriage Equality, Self Gratification

Sex Toy Race In New York Supports Marriage Equality, Self Gratification

On your mark … Get set … OoooooohhhhHHHHhhhhhhhhh!

The only thing better than a sex toy race is a good finish — especially for a good cause! We first met the Stronic pulsating sex toy in Las Vegas, where four battery-powered dildos pulsated on a 10-foot race course at a whopping 1.5 mph. This time, in New York, two different types of Fun Factory stimulators raced, complete with a scantily clad announcer and high stakes. Read more on Huffington Post…

Do Not Want: Vibrators With Faces

Meet (from left to right) Geena the intimate massager, Woody the deep stimulator and Clitt the double action stimulator. They look like something fun for your baby to teeth on, but in fact, they are adult toy company Kokoro’s new line of vibrators. The Buxxxer collection is now available for purchase. That is, if the thought of a sex toy that stares back at you doesn’t freak you the fuck out. I think I’ll pass. Vibrators aren’t meant to be adorable. Or dance to Daft Punk. [Laughing Squid]

Today In Sex: A Goodie Heist & Chocolate Anuses

First Time: Sex Toy Party
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Bachelorette Party!
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Chocolate Dresses
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A mother in Sandy, Oregon, who was hiding a horde of sexy goodies for a friend’s bachelorette party in the trunk of her car so her kids wouldn’t see them, is regretting her decision. Chelsey Coutts is the latest person to fall victim to a series of car break-ins in her apartment complex. Instead of making off with a stereo or some fancy rims, this kinky thief lifted $500 worth of sex toys, including  “dolls, blow-up items and all kinds of goodies.” Keep reading »

Poll: How Often Should You Wash Your Sex Toys?

Clean Your Goodies
How to clean your vibrator and other stuff in your goodie drawer. Read More »

A survey done in the UK found that only 35 percent of people wash their sex toys after every use. More than half of the participants said they washed their toys “regularly” and 12 percent, clearly not germophobes, admitted to never cleaning them. OK. That’s just gross. The company that ran this survey found the results “quite worrying given the risk of bacterial infection.” Apparently, we should be washing our toys after every use. Keep reading »

8 Totally Fresh Sex Games To Try This Summer

It hit 90 degrees in many parts of the country this week. And that made us super horny and extremely lethargic at the same time. Sex is way less fun when you start sweating after 20 seconds. It just is. Your options are: crank the air conditioner and continue your same, stale bump ‘n’ grind or try some fresh sex games. We’re not Cosmo, so we’re not taking ourselves too seriously. We’re fully aware that covering your body with neon paint and dancing to club music while your partner uses the remote controlled We-Vibe on you, masturbating with your sprinkler system or using an Otter Pop as a dildo is ridiculous, but it also may be fun. How adventurous are you feeling? Check out our original summer sex games…

Sweaty Sex?
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