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Nothing Says “I Love You” Like A Million-Dollar, Platinum And Diamond Vibrator

Guys, for the holidays this year, why blow your wad on an engagement ring when you can put your money where your mouth should be? Show your lady that you are committed to her pleasure and worship her vagina with a platinum and diamond vibrator. Australian jeweler Colin Burn’s plans to make “the most luxurious [and most expensive] sexual product in the world.” Why? “I find the jewelry industry stuffy and conservative. I want to be the jeweler who is not afraid to let go,” he said. He’s creating 10 platinum vibrators, each one encrusted with 1,500 diamonds. Burns is no stranger to luxury sex toys. He has a line of high-end products, including a $38K platinum dildo with 400 pave-diamonds and a handle made of conkerberry wood (it would be too easy to make a joke here) and an $8K white gold dildo studded with diamonds and one large, white pearl at its apex. It comes with a matching earring and necklace set. Perfect for the vagina that has everything. [Forbes] Keep reading »

The 5 Creepiest Sex Toys Ever Made

The stereotype out there is that women who buy and use sex toys are sexually free, independent-minded souls, while men who buy sex toys shouldn’t be living anywhere near a church or school. Hey, sex is sex — no big deal. Nobody should be shamed for a sex fetish, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

However, that doesn’t stop the world from thinking that certain avenues of the sexual road map are, well, creepy.

Here’s a look at a few of the creepiest sex toys on the internet, and why they’re so disturbing. Keep reading »

Playing Doctor Taken To The Extreme

When you want to take your bedroom sexy times up a notch, role-playing is one way to do it. Now, I’ve heard of people playing doctor and that’s all well and good, but this kit is taking things a little too far into the realistic role-playing realm, in my opinion. This “Beginners Vaginal Speculum Kit” comes complete with, yes, a vaginal speculum — it opens up to 4″ wide! — a bottle of lube, and “after play” cleaner. Oh yes, I am as serious as a bad case of the herps. Do you have to pee in a cup too? [Trend de la Creme] Keep reading »

University Seeks To Shut Down A Sex-Toy Study

I went to the very liberal Sarah Lawrence College, where they often invited sex workers to campus to talk about sex toys, BDSM, even squirting. I was exposed to more nudity, dildos, vibrators, and threesomes than I’d care to mention. It was awesome. My brother and dad went to the more conservative Duke University, where they’ve recently been conducting a study on women and sex toys, inviting female students to sex toy parties (think: like an old-fashioned Tupperware party) where they can buy erotic toys, lingerie, and games. Before and after, the students fill out a survey about their thoughts about sex. But the Duke Catholic Center is pretty pissed about this research. Reverend Joe Vetter thinks that the study doesn’t promote relationships and wants to discuss this atrocious study at mass. [News & Observer] Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Are You Cool With Sex Toys In The Bedroom?

First there was the Succu Dry, a sex toy for men with a fanged orifice; and then today we introduced you to a vibrating ring that dudes can masturbate with on the go. Clearly, sex toy production is on the rise. But the most common place a dude might encounter one is with the lady he’s lovin’. So how do guys actually feel when a gal breaks out her vibrator? How often are they down for the extra help? And would they ever try a sex toy on themselves? An array of answers, after the jump… Keep reading »

Bo: The Men’s Vibrator He Can Carry In His Pocket

Is that a Bo in your pocket or are you just excited to see me? Both. Sort of. Meet Bo, a male vibrator made by Lelo, a company known for its sleek array of designer sex toys. (You might know one of their bestsellers, a USB rechargeable vibrator which looks like a tube of lipstick.) The male version is a discreet “gentleman’s ring” which delivers stimulation through an energetic and vigorous vibration. Bo can be used for joint pleasure during intercourse; however, it seems to be marketed more to solo time. That picture implies that the accessory should become an everyday object, one used so routinely that he could carry it in his pocket along with other necessities like a wallet, pen, and glasses. Ew!

Here’s the thing: If a girl carried around a sex toy in her purse to pleasure herself throughout the day, many guys would find this a turn-on. But a guy who carries a male vibrator in his pocket? Dealbreaker. Amiright? [Lelo] Keep reading »

For Guys Who Love Blow Jobs With Bite!

First there was the Fleshlight, the “sex in a can” sex toy that has a latex vag at one end that dudes can stick their peen in and out of. Now the creators of this foul-yet-genius product — which purports to be the #1 selling sex toy for men — have come up with the Succu Dry for guys who like their fake sex in the form of toothy blow jobs. This latex orifice is molded into the shape of a sexy vampire chick’s mouth, complete with fangs — because vampires are so hot right now. [$45, Fleshlight.com] Keep reading »

Product Review: The Sqweel Gets The Job Done, Loudly

Ask and ye shall receive! A few weeks ago, I posted about the Sqweel, a 10-tongued sex toy that promised to blow my mother-effing mind, and wished that someone would get it for me for Christmas. A few days later, one arrived at my desk. The timing was perfect, as this weekend was rainy and cold in New York, so indoor activities were already on the menu. Did the Sqweel live up to my expectations? Find out, after the jump. Keep reading »

If Blow-Up Dolls Could Talk …

Blow-up dolls have feelings, too, you know. They’re not simply inanimate objects that lonely men can have their way with. At least that’s the premise behind the Japanese film “Air Doll.” Based on a manga, “Air Doll” tells the story of an inflatable sex doll who magically comes to life and explores the world after her owner leaves for work each day. She even starts dating a man she meets in a video rental store. The movie, which was shown at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, isn’t available on Netflix quite yet, but we’ve already added it to our queue in anticipation of its U.S. release. Keep reading »

Wish List: Sqweel 10-Tongued Sex Toy

This is the conversation that ensued when I sent Jessica the link to a post on the Sqweel, a 10-tongued sex toy:

Jessica: Oh my God! That’s so awesome!!!!!! I want one!
Amelia: I DO TOO!
J: What if it goes too fast though? It looks like it could bruise your clit!
A: I bet you can vary the speeds. Keep reading »

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