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Debate This: How Did Sex And The City Make You FEEL?

Like you could ever forget this, but Sex and the City THE MOVIE opens tomorrow. Every damn newspaper article and newscaster and magazine — literally EVERYONE — is acting like women consider the show the greatest thing since tampon applicators, that it enriched their lives in ways they never thought possible, and that they will literally be tearing down the doors to see it this weekend. That last part might be true, as I cannot find a ticket to save my life, but I really am suspicious of this notion that women’s lives improved because of some TV show about a bunch of rich women with seemingly endless hours in their day to enjoy brunch. So I decided to ask the ladies how they REALLY felt about the show. Their thoughts were mixed. But not a single one of them was fall-all-over-themselves in love with the show. Keep reading »

Sex And The City: The Reason Women Wear Dresses

Bobbie Thomas spoke on Today about getting the fashions in the movie. Are we sick of this movie yet? Well, I’m not so much sick of the movie as I’m sick of it getting credit for every trend that’s come along in the last decade. While discussing the movie’s fashions, Bobbie says, “Before Sex and the City came along, we were a denim culture, and women everywhere said ‘bye, bye’ to blue jeans and ‘hello’ to the dress. It came back. And there’s a dress for everyone, whether it’s sweet like Charlotte, sexy like Samantha, or even Miranda with the lawyer look.” I’m pretty sure women still wear blue jeans (this woman does), and that they also wore dresses before SATC (this woman did). [Today] Keep reading »

Further Proof Men Won’t Be Seeing Sex And The City

The headline on Drudge Report right now cracks us up. Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze, SATC Edition: As Big As Bond, Blue Shoes, And Fascinating Fascinators

  • The Sex and the City movie “is already on par with the success of the last Bond film” according to one theater in England. A few American women are as big in England as Bond? Whoa. [The Telegraph, U.K.]
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    Star Couplings: Pete & Ashlee Wentz Confirm The Worst Kept Secret In Hollywood

  • Pete and Ashlee Wentz (you asked for it chickie!) have confirmed that they’re expecting their first child together. They decided to wait to confirm the news until Ashlee made it through her first trimester, which means this baby (time to register for baby’s first flatiron!) should pop out around November. [FriendsOrEnemies.com]
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    Sex And The City: Even Carrie’s Apartment Grew Up

    This is Carrie’s apartment during the SATC series. Really eclectic, a little messy. It looks like a real apartment. Okay, now check out her apartment — supposedly the same one — in the Sex and the City movie. The bedroom looks so…neat! What happened? Does Carrie pay someone to clean her apartment now that she’s a regular contributor at Vogue? Amelia thinks the bed looks smaller. I think it’s a little hard to tell, but why would someone downsize? Once you go queen, you never go back. One flaw we’ve found so far is that the radiator is missing in the photo from the movie. This might be because the photo is from decorating magazine Traditional Home, and the editors might have airbrushed it out to make the photo more visually pleasing. This better be the case, otherwise the movie’s producers/set designers have some explaining to do. [Apartment Therapy] Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: A Self-Help Book By Tila Tequila, A Song For Britney Spears, And A Crystal Carpet

  • Tila Tequila just got a book deal. “In this book I will give advice on love, relationships, sex, and how to make your dreams turn into reality…just like I did!” Oh dear. [Theimproper.com]
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    What Men Would Rather Do Than See Sex And The City

    Above: IM from Catherine in regards to the Sex and the City debate we’re working on for tomorrow.
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    Quick Pic: Carrie Bradshow Comes Home To NYC

    “Hello lover.” [Sex and the City premiere, New York City, 5/27/08] Keep reading »

    Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Sex And The City Madness

    That movie comes out this weekend. You know…that movie. The premiere is tonight in New York and we weren’t invited, so we’re sort of pissed. As we reflect upon the biggest show in the history of television for ladies (more on that later this week), we decided to ask the dudes on our IM how they felt about Sex and the City and the legions of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte wannabes it created. Needless to say, they were never impressed. Their thoughts, after the jump. Keep reading »

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