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The 8 Jerks Who Opposed The Violence Against Women Act

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Were you running low on haterade? Not sure where to direct your unfettered ragecakes? Gather round, I’ve got someplace to direct your vitriol! Meet the eight senators who opposed the Violence Against Women Act. These not so great eight are sending a not-so-subtle message to the womenfolk of the world — something along the lines of “your lives aren’t really worth much.”

In fact, to ameliorate my rage, I have decided to illustrate the not-so-great eight as a bunch of lollipops. (Gasp! This is what happens when you allow women to develop rudimentary Photoshop skills!) So … if you want a measured, partisan response to this, you should look elsewhere — but, on the other hand, if you want a way to mobilize to let these senators know that we’re watching, well, click on through.

So who are these douches among men? Click through to find out…

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