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20 Shameful Secret Single Girl Behaviors That We’re Proud To Admit To

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The New York Times discovered that single people do really quirky crap when they live alone. Stuff they’d be to embarrassed to do if anyone were watching. But no one is watching. So no one is judging. This allows Shameful Secret Single Behavior to fester and grow and become less appalling to the singleton as the years roll by. We can’t believe this. As single ladies, who have lived alone for long stretches of time, we are absolutely and thoroughly shocked to hear this. We have NEVER done anything weird, all alone in our apartments while no one was watching like sing Michael Jackson songs to our plants or strut around in a uniform of dirty hospital scrubs tucked into fuzzy socks. We jest. In fact, we feel fairly confident that we are the Queens of Single Quirk. But we’re not ashamed. No we are not. We’re proud, dammit. Our single behavior confessions after the jump. Keep reading »

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