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Catherine Zeta-Jones Dresses Normal For A Change

Catherine Zeta-Jones has developed a bit of a reputation around The Frisky office for dressing a little too much like an eccentric old lady for our tastes. Check out this photo and tell me a few things weren’t off with the glamorous woman we once knew. Even though Catherine isn’t back to her old Hollywood self, at least she looks normal in this pic. Well, except for the scrunchie, but we’ll give her a pass this time. [NYC, 4/6/10] Keep reading »

A “Scrunchie” Story: The Secret History Of The “Cockroach” Of All Hair Accessories

Recently, Catherine Zeta-Jones wore a scrunchie. In public.

I have to admit, I thought scrunchies were just a distant memory of decades past — one that most of us would like to forget, for that matter. So I expressed the general consensus — to my fellow stylish office mates — that scrunchies are over.

But then something happened. A great scrunchie debate ensued, as comments from our readers poured in, declaring things like “Who are you to approve or disapprove of scrunchies,” “You are so wrong. The scrunchie was the perfect thing to wear,” and “She can put her hair up with anything she wants.” Keep reading »

Dig Out Your Scrunchies — They’re Back In Style!

When I think of scrunchies, I remember that scene in “Sex and the City” where Carrie tries to convince Berger that the hair accessory is just so not a New York thing. It wasn’t then, and it hasn’t been for quite some time. But now Marc Jacobs has decided it’s time for the massive hair tie to come back into fashion, and along with his blessing comes the new, more chic title of “hair furniture.” No, it’s not furniture made of hair (which I originally imagined and cringed), but rather the idea that your head should be dressed up with massive adornments. Personally, I’m all about the understated glamour when it comes to hair and really not ready to travel back to the ’90s via neon scrunchies. Are you? [Guardian] Keep reading »

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