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Bad PR Move: No Uggos Allowed At Pretty People Party

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Last night, Tiffany’s held a party hosted by photographers Scott Schuman and Garance Dore. The party was DJed by Beyonce’s little sister Solange. So far, sounds like every other semi-famous people party, right? Well, except that the PR company that put on the event — some company called Epic Group — was apparently a mite bit concerned that the soiree would be too packed. So, the day of the party, they sent out the following missive…

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Social Networking For Trench Coats

Some people love their Twitter; others are obsessed with Facebook. Burberry is providing fans with a brand-new social media site: Art of the Trench. The brand has tapped none other than street style photographer Scott Schuman to capture countless images of people sporting their trenches, providing inspiration to the world on trench styling. The site is one of those you can sit on for hours, clicking back and forth between images to see a multitude of people captured by The Sartorialist. Comment, build your own trench profile, and submit a picture of yourself wearing one for the chance to be featured on the site. In the future, a history of the trench will appear, complete with a time line of events and “original black-and-white footage of the first wearers of Burberry’s trenchcoats.” No one should be surprised that Burberry is getting into the networking side of the internet, as the brand live-streamed the spring 2010 collection on their Facebook page, sends out e-brochures instead of printed materials, and plans to create digital look books in the next year. But we have to wonder whether social networking for your jacket might be a tad much? [WWD] Keep reading »

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