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Scarlett Johansson’s Nude Photo Hacking Should Make Us All More Tech-Savvy

Scarlett Johansson

At one time or another, most of us have hadnude pictures of ourselves stolen from our cellphones and leaked to the press. Haha. No, not really. Most of us don’t have to worry about the public wanting to see us in the buff. That just happens to gorgeous, famous people like Scarlett Johansson. But many of us havehad the experience of someone getting into our email, or checking our text messages — or even spreading our compromising photos or emails.ScarJo has apparently become so paranoidafter a hacker stole nude photos of her and leaked them online that she reportedly goes out of her way not to use technology at all anymore. Word has it she even makes her boyfriend, Nate Taylor, contact her through her assistant. No sexting for Nate! Read more…

Scarlett Johansson Taking Over Broadway, The World

There was a time when I adored Scarlett Johansson. Actually, I still adore her—but her overachieving is starting to drive me nuts. Call it a case of Failed Potential Syndrome, but I’m getting sick of her making myself and, oh, every other woman in the world look like chopped liver. In addition to being a big ol’ movie star, a songstress with two albums under her belt, a model with multiple ad campaigns, a shoe designer, the wife of Ryan Reynolds and the woman who won the accolade “Sexiest Woman Alive,” there’s one more arena Scarlett is dipping her toes into. In December, she’ll be making her Broadway debut, starring in Arthur Miller’s classic “A View From the Bridge,” opposite Liev Schreiber. In the play, she’ll be a 17-year-old whose older cousin (Schreiber) is obsessed with her, and when she falls for another guy goes looney tunes. People are predicting that the 14-week run will sell out in minutes. So, Scarlett, what’s next? Want to write a book or 20? And produce and direct? Or do a hard-hitting reality TV series a la Jessica Simpson’s the “Price of Beauty.” Or you could run for office. Wouldn’t want to turn 25 without ruling the world first. Bitch. [Broadway Buzz] Keep reading »

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