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A Sonnet In Memory Of The Saturday Mail

I heart my mailman
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Postal Service Style
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In an effort to trim their budget down a bit (by a bit, I mean $2 billion), the US Postal Service has announced a plan to end Saturday mail and cut back to a five-day delivery schedule. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the postal service and I have a giant crush on my mailman, so this news comes as a crushing blow. And sometimes, when pain is this acute, there’s only one way to express it: in iambic pentameter. Read on for my embarrassingly dramatic Sonnet to the Saturday Mail… Keep reading »

The Saturday Mail & 8 Other Things From Your Childhood That Are Now Extinct

Whenever I come home, whether it be for a break or a bit longer, I’m somehow automatically assigned the job of getting the mail everyday. Secretly, this is my favorite chore to do, and I have no idea why since I don’t get mail at my parents’ house anyway. That said, there is just something exciting about watching the white truck roll by and not knowing what to expect in the mail box. It’s like getting presents and surprises all year around! Heck, it’s Christmas nearly everyday! I have always wished they delivered mail on Sundays too, but since they delivered it the other six days of the week, I kept silent.

However, that has changed. It is an outrage that I can no longer be silent about! The U.S. Postal Service will not  be delivering letter mail on Saturdays starting in August. Only packages. The future children of America will never know what it means to go out on a Saturday afternoon to get the mail! Tragedy.

What other things no longer exist from our childhood? Come, reminisce. Read more…

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