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Think “Permanent Makeup” Is Freaky? Think Again.

A few years ago, permanent makeuptattooing on rouged lips or inking on eyebrows, for example—may have been laughed off as one of those crazy beauty fads that a handful of rich, desperate woman bought into. For most, the thought of eyeliner or lipliner tattoos probably conjures images of aged drag queen beauty. Shudder.

Apparently, however, there have been both some gross misunderstandings about the field, as well as advances. MyFashionLife talked with Sarah Jagger, a semi-permanent makeup artist to stars, whose approach to the procedure sounds much more rational, and quite honestly, awesome in principle. Yes, Jagger uses a needle and describes her work as “similar to tattooing,” but she doesn’t poke your skin with drastic ink. Keep reading »

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