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Delightful Grotesqueness At Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2012 Collection

Do you celebrate Fashion Week the same way I do? Check out who is sitting front row where and then tune out until the Alexander McQueen show? Thought so! The name McQueen might have found its way into some homes this past spring, when a gal named Kate Middleton wore a design by the fashion house as her wedding gown. But the rest of us have been loving the over-the-top, grotesque, infinitely creative designs by the punked-out Brit for years. Many years ago, the designer caught the eye of Isabella Blow, an iconic oddball stylist for Tatler and Vogue. Along with the hat maker Philip Treacy, Blow used her influence to vault McQueen to stardom. Keep reading »

Style By Jury: Did Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Beguile Or Bore You?

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Alexander McQueen Without Alexander McQueen Just Isn’t The Same

Since Alexander McQueen killed himself this past February, Sarah Burton, who served as the designer’s right-hand woman for 14 years, has been installed as the fashion house’s creative director. Now we’ve got a first look at what direction Burton may take the label. It’s not a full-on reveal, as it’s Cruise 2011, but it gives an idea of how Burton’s McQueen will differ and resemble that which came before her. Without a doubt, Burton has sought to retain much of the original flavor, with a flaming red gown, reptilian patterns, and razor-sharp tailoring. In an interview, she cited samurai warriors and Hans Bellmer dolls as her inspiration, and she spoke of a desire to “juxtapose the pale and the delicate with the bold and armorial.” All of that is very McQueen, but Burton’s collection lacks the fire of McQueen’s relentless inventiveness. There was always something dangerous and original about his work, a sense that you were looking at something you had never seen before. In this case, that’s gone. [FabSugar] Keep reading »

Alexander McQueen Successor Found In Sarah Burton

After Alexander McQueen‘s death, some feared the label would fall into disrepair in the absence of its founder and creative chief. Fear not, McQueen fans, Gucci Group has named Sarah Burton as the line’s new head designer. Having worked with McQueen since 1996, Burton’s got the sort of in-depth knowledge of the brand that an outside designer really couldn’t bring to the job, which should make McQueen die-hards happy. Furthermore, Burton has been the head of women’s wear for about ten years, and according to The Wall Street Journal, she was responsible for most of the designs that actually make it to stores, while Alexander typically focused more on the elaborate runway creations. [The Wall Street Journal] Keep reading »

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