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Do Dudes Even Sag Their Pants Anymore?

My older brother was an ardent supporter of The Pant Sag when we were younger. If those things weren’t hanging on for dear life somewhere near his knees, something was wrong. Obviously, he looked like a moron and we’re all glad that phase has passed as the trend more or less died. Or, at least…

Lily Q / April 8, 2010

Monday Quickies!

Just ask for it. The female version of the “happy ending” massage is no longer taboo. [Tango]
A 10-year-old Yemeni bride has successfully divorced her husband. [Los Angeles Times]
“Man Showers” are the new trend in pre-wedding bonding. [Boston Herald]
The next time you try on a swimsuit, look for the rusty razor blade i…

Annika Harris / July 14, 2008