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Porn Is Ryanair’s New In-Flight Entertainment

November 11, 2011

T&A That Can Get Past The TSA

RyanAir, the cheap-o European airline, has released its fourth calendar of ladies from its cabin crew frolicking on a tropical beach in bikinis. Proceeds from the 2011 RyanAir calendar, which costs $14, will be donated to a German kids’ charity. While, personally, I don’t care if women want to pose in bikinis for a calendar or whatever, I think it’s unprofessional for a company to do one with its employees. I mean, it’s an airline, not Hooters! Although I know the quality that I most appreciate in a flight attendant is her taut stomach. (Sarcasm again, people.) [NY Daily News]

(P.S. Thanks, John DeVore, for the title!) Keep reading »

Airline To Start Charging Pee Fee And Other Corporate Penny-Pinching

Discount European airline Ryanair has decided they will charge $1.50 for their passengers to use the toilet. The idea is part of the “Ryanair Cost Saving Proposal,” which they put in their in-flight magazine. The logic is that people should use restrooms in the airports before getting on the plane. This will also allow them to take out a couple of toilets from each plane, allowing up to six extra seats in the cabin and reducing fares by about 5 percent. [Newser]

I guess that European flights are shorter than the trip from LAX to JFK. However, if they’re charging for bathrooms, I think bathroom sex should probably be allowed. But seriously, remember when we got warm cookies and champagne on flights? Or, like, free peanuts? I’m sick of things being taken away until we have to pay for everything, not just on airplanes but everywhere. Here are a few more examples of ridiculous fees. Keep reading »

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